PREMIERE: Gridlok – Trust (Blackout Music)

Blackout Music is synonymous with big releases and their latest offering reiterates than in spectacular fashion as Gridlok makes his solo debut on the label with his amazing new album Z3R0 H0U2. Watch out for this one dropping on 26th May. Follow Gridlok Follow Blackout Music

Kyrist, Data 3, Revaux & Mystic State Come Together On The New Age Myths EP

One of those labels on whom it’s always worth a check up is Addictive Behaviour, a label based out of London and run by a group of like-minded DJs and promoters, and an imprint that cultivates some not-so-famous names to release consistently big music. With a roster leaning towards the techy, hard-edged side of business,…

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PREMIERE: GREAZUS X J.Nomad – Worstest (Halogen Music)

We’ve got some brand new music taken from Halgoen Music‘s forthcoming various artists album Vantage Points now as we premiere GREAZUS & J.Nomad’s wicked, jungle infused riddim Worstest. Watch out for the album dropping on 22nd May, you can pre-order it here. Follow GREAZUS Follow J.Nomad Follow Halogen Music…

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PREMIERE: Tephra & Arkoze – Keep Hope Alive (Peer Pressure Records)

It’s been a while since we heard any new music from the Peer Pressure Records camp but after waiting almost a year they’re back with a new EP from Tephra & Arkoze. This EP follows Tephra & Arkoze’s wicked release on Dispatch we’ve got the premiere of the equally brilliant track Keep Hope Alive. Follow…

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PREMIERE: Dubstitutes – Fear Nothing (NexGen Music)

Dubstitues is a new collaboration project between Rob Sparx and MC Task which sees them going on a full jungle tip as they bust out some blistering amens and wicked vocals. This is the massive title track from their forthcoming Fear Nothing EP on NexGen Music.

We Had A Chin Wag Wag With The Guys At Lifestyle Music About The Australian Connection LP

Hi chaps! How are you? Peter: Very well, just getting the last-minute things prepped for our big Australia trip B) Felix: Always busy to be honest! But I’m so excited for the months ahead. Lots to prepare before we fly down under. Why don’t you start off by telling us a bit about yourselves and…

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Nucleus Delivers Our Latest Guest Mix Ahead Of His & Paradox’s New EP On Metalheadz

Nucleus, along with his long time collaborator Paradox, has been DJing for 30 years and has been a part of Drum & Bass since the very beginning. Ahead of his and Paradox’s incredible new EP on Metalheadz we have the absolute pleasure of being able to present you with an exclusive guest mix from the…

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DJ Vapour Talks To Us About His New Album ‘Beatopia’

Hi Mike, how are you mate? All blessed and all good sir, Thanks for asking Before we talk about your new album let’s start at the beginning. How did your journey into Drum & Bass start and what makes it so special for you? To cut a long story short I got hold of a…

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We Talk To Mob Tactics About Their New Single On Viper

Alright lads, good to catch up again! How are you both? Hey man, we’re good thanks very much! As per usual we’re cooped up in the studio working on stuff. No rest for the wicked. as they say. Last time we spoke you’d just released the Body Check EP – what have you been up…

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