Keeno’s Newest EP Confirms His Future Greatness

Keeno AKA Will Keen is one of drum n bass’ hottest talents, and whilst that phrase gets bandied around a lot these days, it’s unavoidably applicable here. Because not only does the 23 year old release incredible sounding music, he turns out productions that are uniquely his own; a tightly developed, organic fusion of electronic…

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PREMIERE: Need For Mirrors – Youth (Zoltar)

Need For Mirrors has to be one of the busiest producers out there right now. His output is not only constant but it’s also consistently new and interesting and spread across a plethora of brilliant labels. Some of his best tunes have come out on his own label Zoltar so it’s great to see him…

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PREMIERE: D’tch – Want (Diffrent Music)

It’s no secret that we absolutely love what the guys over at Diffrent Music do so we’re very pleased to be able to share something new from them taken from the D’tch single. Buy: Follow D’tch Follow Diffrent Music

Foreign Concept’s Skit City Is One Of The Best Releases On Critical To Date

Nothing sums up this release better than Fox’s lyric ‘Just try and be yourself if you can be’. Foreign Concept has proved time and again that not only is he comfortable with numerous styles and tempos but he’s also more than capable at producing a cracking end product. He doesn’t simply toy with ideas and…

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PREMIERE: Corrupted Ft. Mr Fuzz – Bussaback (The Dreamers Recordings)

We’re back with new music from a label that has done nothing but impress since it launched just a short while ago. That label is The Dreamers Recordings and the music this time comes courtesy of Belgian producer Corrupted. Taken from the EP of the same name this is the wickedly wonky Bussaback. Follow Corrupted…

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Andrezz Returns To Liquid V With The Free Your Mind EP

Every now and then, amidst the slight craziness that has begun to characterize drum n bass at the moment, it’s nice to settle on something simpler. Music that isn’t shoutey or trying to show off, but content with just sitting back and rolling out. One of the best destinations for an experience like this is…

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The Albums That Influenced Us

Depending on how old you are, where you grew up, who you kicked about with, and a million other factors, your love affair with Drum & Bass will be unique. Your favourite track, which reminds you of the first rave you went to, could be at the top of someone else’s shit list. Basically music,…

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BOP’s New EP Is Just Our Cup Of Tea

Last year I reviewed Frederic Robinson’s whacky and wonderful second album, Flea Waltz, and was promptly blown away by its pure originality. That landed on Med School, and once again the Hospital Records affiliate has passed us a release that, at least for us listeners, strays off the beaten path a little. For BOP, the…

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We Talk To Dextone About His New Single On Mayan Audio And Premiere ‘Elevation’

Hi Charlie, how are you mate? I’m good mate, thanks for having me down. How’s 2017 treated you so far? Has it been a busy year for you so far? It’s been pretty hectic so far, just finishing lots of new music for release this year. Before we go any further we HAVE to talk…

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