Slang Banger Return To Program With The Locations EP

There’s an old saying, “leave them wanting more”, which means leave your audience wanting more of what you have to offer rather than saturating them until they are sick of you and Slang Banger are the masters of this. Since the duo made their debut on Program with Labrynth / Let There Be Love in…

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PREMIERE: Dave Owen – Ill Gotten Gains (Weapons Of Choice)

A familiar name on a new label now as American producer Dave Owen makes his debut on Weapons Of Choice Recordings for their second release. Mr Owen deviates away from his usual silky smooth style for The French Connection EP as he delivers 4 big, stomping tracks headed up by this. Ill Gotten gains. You’ve…

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Audeka – Lost Souls LP (MethLab)

Now, this is a Drum & Bass site, obviously – it’s in the name for god’s sake, however from time to time I get sent something that doesn’t fit into our lovely little 170bpm world that is so good it commands respect and deserves attention. This is one of those occasions. The Lost Souls LP,…

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LSB’s Debut Album Edges Closer With The Release Of The Lead Single ‘Missing You’

LSB has really hit his stride at Soul:R, another label worthy of your full attention with each release. LSB, DRS and Tyler Daley are brought together on title track Missing You. It’s rubbish and all the artists involved should give up, instantly. Said no one, ever. Come on! This lot together again?! And I’m not…

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Fourward’s New Expansion LP Proves Neurofunk Can Still Be Fresh

Austria has become a hotbed for the next breed of drum ‘n’ bass producers, and with some of the world’s freshest music being made in and around it’s pristine alpine slopes, it’s of no surprise that the four man outfit of destruction that is Fourward call the small nation home. They’re an act that have…

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PREMIERE: Quentin Hiatus – Otherworld (Free Love Digi)

Brand new music now from the always enjoyable Free Love Digi imprint as label boss Quentin Hiatus returns with his In.Can.Des.Cent EP. We are loving this vibe. Follow Quentin Hiatus Follow Free Love Digi


Commix – Generation EP 2 (Metalheadz)

So, i seem to have written a fair bit about Metalheadz of late, and yet it’s a true pleasure to write about the return of Commix. With the the former duo now under the guidance of George Levings, when the absolutely killer artwork appeared earlier this summer i think it’s fair to say most fans…

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PREMIERE: D’TCH & Soul Defiance – Lovehearts (SweetBox)

We’ve got something properly good for you now as we premiere D’TCH & Soul Defiance’s new track Lovehearts on SweetBox which is out on 2nd November. Forget your Radio 1 playlist, labels like this are pushing the good stuff. Buy: Follow D’TCH Follow Soul Defiance Follow SweetBox


Hospital Announces Hospitality In The Dock

Having given us the sneakiest of peeks at their next event just a couple of days ago Hospital have just announced the follow up to Hospitality In The Park which will be….Hospitality In The Dock. There’s no details on line-up yet but if HITP was anything to do by it’s going to incredible and it…

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