Ahmad – X EP (Turbine Music)

When I last featured some new music from Ahmad it was actually his debut album, Interference, on Architecture Recordings and at the time there was “literally no information around on Ahmad at all”. Now that some time has passed the mysterious producer revealed a little more about himself and his history in the scene… “The…

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Turbine Music Presents The Future Tense EP

Turbine Music, sub label of the wicked Dust Audio, is back for their 2nd release of the year which follows on nicely from Clima & Red Army’s Utopic EP. The Future Tense EP features music from Acid Lab, label owners Slider & Expose, Akinsa & Antagonist and is clearly focused on the future of the…

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Clima & Red Army – Utopic EP (Turbine Music)

Clima & Red Army return to Turbine Music with a new EP which features collaborations and individual works from both of them. I’ve championed Turbine Music for some time now and with each release the label gets stronger and stronger with this new release being no exception. 5 tracks of the deep, dark Drum &…

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9 “Small” Drum & Bass Labels That You Should Be Paying Attention To

We all know about the latest Ram Banger or the newest Hospital dancefloor anthem but it’s important to remember that there are a lot of other labels out there, putting in the hard work to bring you some incredible music. So here, in no particular order, are 9 “smaller” labels you should be listening to…

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Red Army – High Grade EP (Turbine Music)

Red Army first featured on the Senium EP for Turbine Music earlier this year but now he is back with his first solo release on the label, ‘High Grade’. He takes the half step formula that is becoming more and more popular and then gives it something extra. ‘High Grade’ and ‘Wanderlust’, which are the…

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Senium EP [Turbine Music]

Next up from our friends over at Turbine Music is the Senium EP featuring 4 dark and moody tracks that will make ya chest rumble. Release date: 05.05.14 Tracklist: a: Clima – 28 Riddim b: Syndicate – Backdrifts c: Red Army – Metastamis d: Fullarity – Cavity

Inertia – Fearless EP [Turbine Music]

Inertia halves the tempo but doubles the attitude on this lovely little EP on Turbine Music Release date: 17.02.14

Fullarity – Long Way To Home EP [Turbine Music]

We’ve featured a few releases from Hull based label Turbine Music before and each time I have been impressed but now, with the Long Way To Home EP, they have set the bar even higher than before. Sitting on the experimental side of Drum & Bass Turbine offer something different from the norm and it’s…

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Acid Lab – Aeons EP [Turbine Music]

More forward thinking Drum & Bass from Turbine Music. No release date for this one yet so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for this one.

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