Wiz Khalifa – We dem boyz (Fourward Bootleg)

Arguably one of the best tunes played at the 1Xtra DnB soundclash last week was this bootleg by Fourward and lucky for us they are now giving it away! Download it for free here

1Xtra DnB Soundclash

Last night MistaJam and Crissy Criss hosted one of the most exciting evenings that Drum & Bass has ever seen; an epic 4 way soundclash between Hospital Records, Ram Records, Shogun Audio and Viper Recordings. The clash consisted of 5 rounds: Team Anthems, Quick Mix, Mystery Mix, Team Bootleg & Back To Back Mix. If…

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Technimatic – Desire Paths (Shogun Audio)

So, here it is, the debut album from Technimatic. It feels like its been a very long time coming but boy was it worth the wait; this album has future classic written all over it. It’s so good I’m not going to bang on about it – I just want you to go ahead and…

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Rockwell – INeedU [Shogun Audio]

Rockwell has a reputation for not so much pushing boundaries as much as smashing them to pieces! The Shogun Audio poster boy is back with another track that you just cant put into a genre – and that’s a good thing. Let’s stop labelling music and just listen to it!

Technimatic – Like A Memory / Not A Perfect Love [Shogun Audio]

Techniatic follow up their brilliant last single ‘Night Vision‘ with another slice of weighty yet soulful Drum & Bass. Like A Memory, which features the vocals of Pat Fulgoni is a lesson is what a soulful roller should sound like and is no doubt going to be getting drawn by DJs all summer long. On…

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Technimatic – Night Vision / Chasing A Dream [Shogun Audio]

Next up on Shogun Audio is this cracking release from Technimatic. Let’s hope the summer time vibes coax the sun to come out! And don’t forget to check out the official video here. Click here to buy this release

Joe Ford – The Moment / Neon (Shogun Audio)

I love Joe Ford. It’s that simple. His production is out of this world and his tunes contain so much attitude but so much restraint at the same time and it excites my boy parts a little bit. Awkward confessions aside this is the first solo release from Joe since he signed exclusively to Shogun…

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Technimatic – Shogun Audio Brighton Promo Mix [Free Download]

The Technimatic lads have put together a promo mix for the forthcoming Shogun Audio event in Brighton. You can grab it for free here. Tracklist 1 LSB ‘Leave’ (Soul:R) 2 Technimatic ‘Sphere’ (SGN:LTD) 3 Ivy Lab ‘Baby Grey’ (Critical) 4 Calibre ‘Schlager’ (Signature) 5 DKay ‘It’s On The Way’ (Soul:R) 6 Random Movement ‘Connections’ (Prestige)…

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Way Of The Warrior 2 [Shogun Audio]

For their 50th release Shogun unleashed ‘Way Of The Warrior’; a forward thinking LP that spanned across the full spectrum of Drum & Bass which went on to gain praise from practically everyone in the scene. Now, 2 years later, Shogun brings us Way Of The Warrior Part 2. The LP follows in the footsteps…

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