PREMIERE: Sense MC x Philth – After Dark ft. Codebreaker (Diffrent Music)

Sense MC’s forthcoming album, The Elephant In The Room, has been on the cards for years now which has made it one of the most highly anticipated for a long time. So it is our absolute pleasure to be able to exclusively share with you a brand new cut from the LP which sees Sense…

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C.I.A ‘s Deepkut Returns With Kuts Deep Vol 3

Computer Integrated Audio’s sub, sister, brother, other label Deepkut is back with a showcase ‘Kuts Deep Volume 3’. Now despite my pet hate for thingz bein shpelt lyk dis (Cut is spelt with a C guys….!), this is one of my favourite labels of all time, having put out some fantastic 12″s in the past….

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Philth – Cosmos EP (Dispatch Recordings)

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen Philth appear on a number of labels as his productions have gone from strength to strength and his return to Dispatch hails the next chapter for the London based producer. The Cosmos EP is by far my favourite Philth release yet and features some of his strongest…

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Blendits Brings in Chromatic, Bredren, Philth & J Daure For Their 10th Release

Blendits, one of my favourite smaller labels around, has gone all out for their 10th release and roped in Chromatic, Bredren, Philth & J Daure to create a sick 4 track release with Chromatic’s Inertia & Bredren & Philth’s Ghost Palace on the vinyl. 4 absolutely killer tracks with my stand out favourite being Chromatic…

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Philth & Collette Warren – Don’t Let Go / Back in Time (C.I.A Records)

Philth has teamed up with vocalist Collette Warren to bring you 2 beautiful tracks on Total Science’s C.I.A Records. click to buy

Release Of The Week: Logarithmic 2 (Flexout Audio)

Flexout’s flagship album is back for its second outing and it is track after track of quality tunes. I’ve said before that Flexout has always impressed me by being able to go toe to toe with much bigger labels and still be standing at the end of 12 rounds and this album solidifies that. There’s…

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Remixes Vol. 1 (Terabyte Records)

After delivering newcomers Yukon & Deluded onto the stage, Terabyte Records have decided to elaborate on more familiar artists, yet there is a double-edged sting in the tail as the label announces their first ever remix EP. ‘Remixes, vol. 1’ features artists and tracks that have become synonymous with the label. Altered Perception & Zach…

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Hyroglifics, Ed:it & Philth – Why Don’t You / The Forest (Vandal Records)

This is the first time that I have come across French label Vandal Records, despite this being their 11th release. Hyroglifics, Ed:it & Philth team up to give you 2 absolutely solid tunes. This is definitely one to bag on release day! Release date: 20.04.14

Philth – Your Love / Souzou [Dispatch Recordings]

Entering our third year of the Dispatch LTD series, we kick start the calendar with two outstanding tracks from Philth – one of the scene’s most promising acts for 2014. “Your Love” is a truly blissful opener to this single. Rich with orchestral distinctions and a mesmeric female vocal at the core of the track,…

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