L 33’s Karate Gets The Remix Treatment

When L 33‘s debut album, Karate, came out it really blew us away. It further proved that central and eastern Europe really is the dominant force in neuro with Eatbrain being right at the forefront of the scene along with L 33 himself. Following on from the album’s success Eatbrain called on some big names…

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Billain’s Tracks Batbots & Manifold Get The Remix Treatment On New EP

Bad Taste are one of the most exalted Neurofunk labels in the game. Founded by Maldini & Vegas, two members of the equally exalted Bad Company, their label has an unequivocal Drum & Bass pedigree. Likewise, their latest remix EP features original works from one of the most innovative and experimental producers on the circuit:…

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Neonlight & Wintermute – Edge EP (Blackout Music)

German duo Neonlight have teamed up with fellow German Wintermute and returned to Blackout Music with a massive new EP. From the lead track Influx all the way through to Insomnia this EP hits hard! At 5 tracks strong this is a weighty release with my personal favourite being Guinea Pig. Buy Digital

Audio presents RAMLife (Ram Records)

2014 was a massive year for RAM. Not only did they sign new acts like Audio, Teddy Killerz and the still illusive Bensley but also launched a brand new of compilation series, RAMLife, which was kicked off by Loadstar. Delivering the goods for the second instalment of the compilation is none other than Ram’s own…

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Release Of The Week: Hybrid Minds – Mountains Remixed (Spearhead Records)

It will probably come as no surprise that I have picked the sick new album from Hybrid Minds, Mountains Remixed, for my Release Of The Week. Featuring remixes from Inside Info, Total Science, BCee, DLR, Nymfo & many more this is one hell of a package and a must have! buy vinyl buy digital

Hybrid Minds – Mountains Remixed (Spearhead Records)

Now, let’s get this out of the way first, I absolutely loved the original album. Properly loved it. Like really loved it. Tunes like Halcyon, Meant To Be, Music Talks & Forest really tickled my pickle. So, given my appreciation for the original, I was slightly sceptical at the prospect of a remix album as…

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Neonlight – Sidus (Blackout Music)

Check out Neonlight’s debut EP on Blackout Music. This is not for the feint hearted! Click here to buy this release