Mefjus Talks About His New EP With Rido & His Signature Sound

Over the last few years Austrian producer Mefjus has been smashing it with some serious releases on Critical Music as well as DJing all over the world. His latest release sees him team up with Rido on the Optimum Trajectory EP so I had a quick chat with him to see how the EP came…

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Mefjus & Rido Join Forces For The HUGE Optimum Trajectory EP

Mefjus & Rido have come together to bring you the Optimum Trajectory EP on Blackout Music and it is an absolute monster. The combination of Mefjus’ trademark hard edge & sometime brutal style and Rido’s musicality and ear for melodic and harmonic ideas results in an EP that goes beyond the typical “neuro” sound and…

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Noisia – Incessant EP Feat. Mefjus & Hybris (Vision Reordings)

There are very few producers that command the respect of their peers as well as their fans like Noisia does and there is a very good reason for that. They aren’t mere mortals like us. They are bass wizards, sultans of snares, admirals of adrenaline, captains of punch and so on… Their new Incessant EP…

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MEF:LAB Remixes (Critical Music)

This new release on Critical combines 2 of my favourite things in life: Drum & Bass and puns. Ivy Lab & Mefjus have gone all wife swap and had a go on each others tunes with Mefjus doing the business on Ivy Lab’s Sunday Crunk while Ivy Lab return the favour with their rework of…

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Audio presents RAMLife (Ram Records)

2014 was a massive year for RAM. Not only did they sign new acts like Audio, Teddy Killerz and the still illusive Bensley but also launched a brand new of compilation series, RAMLife, which was kicked off by Loadstar. Delivering the goods for the second instalment of the compilation is none other than Ram’s own…

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Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Reptilians (Vision Recordings)

Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris form what could be described as a dream team for their massive new track Reptilians which is coming out as part of the Ten Years Of Vision compilation later this month (pre-order here). Check out the Ten Years Of Vision Recordings Tour too:

June Miller – Ups & Downs EP (Ram Records)

June Miller aren’t mucking around as they kick off 2015 with the massive new Ups & Downs EP. This EP is far from being a 1 trick pony with their monstrous collaboration with Mefjus, Saus, (check out the bonkers video here) being balanced with the funky and fun title track (my favourite track from the…

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Mefjus – Emulation LP (Critical Music)

After what many would consider one of the most meteoric rises to D&B infamousy in recent times, Mefjus gets set to deliver his debut album ‘Emulation’ through Critical Music. An extension of his explosive trademark production style, the music of Mefjus stands tall as an aggressive powerhouse of some the most deadly dance floor drum…

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Mefjus – Suicide Bassline / Continuous (Critical Music)

Over the past couple of years the music of Austrian producer Mefjus has become synonymous with high calibre, sometimes ferocious yet always quality drum and bass productions. These tracks showcase this expertly, the precursor to his debut album “Emulation” which will be released by Critical Music later this year. 2 brand new album tracks, on…

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