Various Artists – Invisible 018 (Invisible Recordings)

Good news everyone! It’s the time for another various artists EP from Noisia’s Invisible Recordings – probably one of the most consistently brilliant series of EPs in Drum & Bass. Ever the platform for new, as well as up coming talent, Invisible 018 brings together Davip, Lockjaw, Bl4ck Owlz & Abstract Elements who each deliver…

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Various Artists – Invisible 016 (Invisible Recordings)

Noisia’s Invisible Recordings is back with another various artists EP following on from Invisible 015 which came out just over a month ago. There’s a serious techy vibe this time round with music coming from Skynet, a producer who’s been part of the DnB scene for over 20 years(!), through to up and coming talent…

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Various Artists – Invisible 015 (Invisible Recordings)

It’s that time again – we’re back with Noisia’s Invisible Recordings for their latest various artists EP – Invisible 015 which features music from Doctrine, Abstract Elements, Current Value & Signal. As well as some big, upfront militant business from Doctrine’s track Airlock and Current Value’s Twilight State you’ve some some stealthy killers in there…

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Hybris – Transgressor EP (Invisible Recordings)

Hybris returns to Noisia’s Invisible Recordings with the follow up to his massive debut album Emergence which came out at the end of last year. “Ever since my debut LP was released I have been in the studio trying to outdo myself. Instead of doing better versions of what I’ve already done, I decided to…

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Various Artists – Invisible 013 (Invisible Recordings)

The Invisible Recordings various artists EP’s never disappoint. Never. Just check out the last one, the one before that and the one before that and now there is a brand new instalment. Up this time we have Lockjaw, Subtension, Current Value & Survey and they bring 4 huge tunes with Midnight Flush & Obsidian being…

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Various Artists – Invisible 012 (Invisible Recordings)

Noisia’s Invisible Recordings rounds off the year with the 3rd instalment of their various artists EP series. Delivering the goods for Invisible 012 we have Silent Witness, Volatile Cycle, Subtension, Sabre & Safire with 4 diverse and upfront tracks. I love all 4 but Genie Method from Sabre & Safire is a personal favourite. click…

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Sister Labels Are Doing It For Themselves

These days it seems like every label has a sister label that is used to ‘release more experimental sounds’ or as ‘a platform for new and exciting artists’ but clichés aside these sister labels can really deliver the goods. Here’s my run down of what I think are the best sister labels around at the…

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Various Artists – Invisble 011 (Invisible Recordings)

Here’s the latest instalment of Invisible Recordings various artists EPs and, as with the previous ones, it does not disappoint. Nickbee, Fre4knc, Cursa & Survey provide the good this time round and all 4 have killed it! click to buy

Hybris – Emergence (Invisible Recordings)

Hybris’ debut album is here and it is mental! It features everything from face melting robo bass insanity to down tempo electro chillout. The sound design on this LP is incredible and if you’re interested in that sort of thing read this interview he did with UKF and prepare to be amazed. click to buy

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