PREMIERE: Gridlok – Trust (Blackout Music)

Blackout Music is synonymous with big releases and their latest offering reiterates than in spectacular fashion as Gridlok makes his solo debut on the label with his amazing new album Z3R0 H0U2. Watch out for this one dropping on 26th May. Follow Gridlok Follow Blackout Music

Teddy Killerz Bring In Some Big Names For The Killer Squad EP

Teddy Killerz have formed their own Suicide Killer Squad, which consists of June Miller, Gridlok, Audio, Icicle, Annix and Counterstrike, for their new EP on Ram and I think you’ll agree that’s quite a list of names to have on one release. Let’s get this dealt with straight off the bat – the tone of…

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Hospital Records Continue Their World Domination With The Future Sound Of America

Hospital’s ‘The Future Sound Of’ EPs needs no introduction. Starting all the way back in 2004 Cambridge was the first port of call for the series with Logistics, Nu:Tone and Commix delivering the goods and even if you don’t remember that EP specifically I can remind you with one word: Together. Yep, Logiostics’ anthem, and…

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The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2015 (Viper Recordings)

Viper Recordings presents the absolutely massive new album The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2015 which features some of the biggest & best Drum & Bass around at the minute including 4 exclusive new tracks from new signing Trei, Toronto Is Broken, DJ Phantasy & Dextone and Callide & Intraspekt. Wall to wall bangers! Release…

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Audio presents RAMLife (Ram Records)

2014 was a massive year for RAM. Not only did they sign new acts like Audio, Teddy Killerz and the still illusive Bensley but also launched a brand new of compilation series, RAMLife, which was kicked off by Loadstar. Delivering the goods for the second instalment of the compilation is none other than Ram’s own…

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Decade of Viper LP (Viper Recordings)

As 2014 draws to a close Viper Recordings is another label celebrating the incredible achievement of turning 10 years old. The Decade of Viper LP features new exclusive tracks and collaborations alongside some of the greatest classic Viper tracks of all time. This is a big album and also features the first Cyantific release on…

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