The Best Drum & Bass Albums Of 2016

The end of 2016 is looming ever closer and, despite this being a totally bonkers year, it’s looking very unlikely that an asteroid is going to smash into the earth and put us all out our collective misery so let’s get on with the business of picking our favourite long players from the last 12…

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Ninja Ninja’s Best Tracks Of 2016

As is tradition now, at the end of every year I do a round up of what have been my favourite tunes because, to me at least, my taste is impeccable, my opinions always correct (see 2014 and 2015‘s roundups as proof) and are therefore worth sharing. However this year will be slightly different as…

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Dom & Roland – Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

In my eyes, Dom & Roland is basically right up there in the all time greats of our scene. I’ve previously mentioned that the re-invigoration of the Metalheadz label output has been leading to great things and this album couldn’t put a finer point on that. The man is not only true to his roots…

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INTERVIEW: Xanadu Talks About His Forthcoming Album On Dom & Roland’s Label

Ben Evans, aka Xanadu, is about to drop his debut album on Dom & Roland’s label so I grabbed 5 minutes with him to chat about what we can expect. Hi Ben. Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Tell us bit about yourself I Live in London and work as a sound…

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MC Fats Collective – We Gotcha LP Part 2

Back in May I featured We Gotcha LP Part 1 which was a project put together to support MC Fats who has sadly lost a leg and some toes on his other leg through diabetes. So here is the 2nd and final installment….and its massive! Get well soon Fats :) Click here to buy this…

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Dom & Roland – Freeze / Remember Your Roots

Coming soon from Drum & Bass legend and split personality enthusiast, Dom & Roland, is this sick (and utterly gorgeous) 2 track yellow/amber 12″. Both tracks have an old school flavour but are bang up to date. I absolutely love this. Release date: 14.11.14