Mystic State – Lost Cause / Mystic State & Perverse – Spirituality (CX Digital)

Mystic State have gone from strength to strength over the last year or so and following on from 2 great releases on Flexout Audio and Blendits the lads now make their debut on Loxy & Reza’s CX Digital. The duo keep things deep and moody with Lost cause and bring in talents of NZ producers…

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Conspired Within – Algernon / Shadow Strike (CX Digital)

CX Digital continues its commitment to pushing new and exciting talent with a brilliant release from US producer Conspired Within. This double A side consists of Algernon which is a deep and moody half time little number backed with more upbeat but beautifully sparse Shadow Strike which is my favourite of the 2. Release date:…

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Shiken Hanzo – Sleeping Samurai EP (CX Digital)

I very recently I picked CX Digital as one of my 7 small labels you should be paying attention to and this EP from Shiken Hanzo is a prime example of why I chose to include them in that list. Hailing from Izu Province, Japan Shiken Hanzo isn’t a producer that many (or any) of…

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7 More Small Labels You Should Be Paying Attention To

Last year I picked 9 small labels that I really felt people should be paying attention to but that list was far from the end of the story so here’s another 7 for you to keep an eye on… CX Digital Latest release: SpaceMatters – Gravel EP Loxy & Reza’s outlet for releasing music…

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Reza, Khords & R381 – Free EP (CX Digital)

Amid the onslaught of Christmas freebies the guys over at CX Digital have kindly given us something more than a little bit different. Reza, Khords & R381 have teamed up to bring you something deep, dark and moody and I love it. download

SpaceMatters – Gravel EP (CX Digital)

Loxy & Reza’s CX Digital is synonymous with deep, dark beats and never disappoints. This new EP from Australian producer SpaceMatters is no exception… Release date: 22.12.14

Ghost Warrior – Altered States EP (CX Digital)

We’re on an experimental tip today with the latest release from CX Digital and the new EP from Hungarian producer Ghost Warrior. It’s time to go down the rabbit hole… click to buy

Pessimist – Tomorrow’s Passed EP (CX Digital)

CX Digital keeps it deep and dark with their latest release which comes from Bristol based producer Pessimist. Absolutely love this! Release date: 04.08.14

The Last Hero – The Twelve Colonies EP [CX Digital]

CX Digital takes it dark and moody with their latest release. This EP from The Last Hero is deeeeeeep. Click here to buy this release

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