Sektor – Back In The Days EP [Celsius Recordings]

Dutch producer Sektor kicks off 2014 with this tasty EP on Celsius Recordings. Also, don’t miss his remix of Brother’s ‘Breathbox’ which is out on the 6th. Release date: 13.01.14 – Click here to buy/pre-order

nClear & Eugenics Eight – L.A. Nights EP [Celsius Recordings]

Newcomers to Celsius NClear and Eugenics Eight are joined by Vospi for this hybrid mashup of genres masked as straight-up liquid rollers. Intriguing enough to stop you in your tracks but weighty enough to keep those vibes rolling, “LA Nights” is the perfect opener. Packing in jazz, soul and jangly guitar as well as the…

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Kasper – The Brooklyn Standard EP [Celsius Recordings]

Hailing from Minnesota, Kasper blesses us with four tracks on Dutch drum & bass imprint Celsius Recordings! The Brooklyn Standard EP kicks off with ‘Fluent Funk’ an amen track containing a bouncy bassline, smooth chimes and some naughty percussion! On the flip ‘Conceal & Carry’ takes things up a notch. Bassline business specifically aimed for…

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Reds – Roller Disco EP [Celsius Recordings]

Previously releasing on Med School, London based outfit Redsprovides us with a lovely 4 track EP on Celsius Recordings showcasing their talent and diversity. From powerful rolling vibes like ‘Let Me Have You’ to more new-school jungle/juke sounds like ‘Crying Rain’ the result is a pair of exciting drum & bass tunes perfect for dancefloors…

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ActRaiser – Espionage EP [Celsius Recordings]

I’ve never heard a release on Celsius that I haven’t liked….and this is no exception! Click here to buy this release.

Command Strange – Dirty Music EP [Celsius Recordings]

Command Strange, steps up for another big release on the ever expanding Celsius imprint. Four superb tracks that explore the deeper corners of drum & bass whilst maintaining that Celsius sound that you love so much. Click here to buy this release.

Salaryman – Think What You Are EP [Celsius Recordings]

Celsius is easily one of my favourite labels and despite a pretty high output of music every release delivers. This EP from Salaryman is no exception! Click here to buy this release.

Mage – Warm Dreams EP [Celsius Recordings]

Im a really big fan of Celsius Recordings. Their output never seems to stop but the quality of their releases is never anything short of impeccable. Seriously – have a look at their back catalogue here. Dozens and dozens of releases and you won’t find a bad one in there. This release from Mage is…

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