Cursa – Only The Strong / The Hustle [Retrospective Recordings]

Really nice release from Retrospective Recordings. Release date: 06/06/13

Sunchase – Nathnennia / Detail – Green Rain [Utopia Music]

Really interesting release from Sunchase and Detail on Mako’s Utopia Music. Release date: 20/05/13 Click here to buy this release.

Stray – Ginseng Smash / Akina [Modulations]

After a year away the Modulations imprint returns with something extra special to make up for lost time. With an abundance of electronic talent to choose being part of the Critical Music clique, this next release draws in longtime associate Stray for two huge experimental drum & bass bangers! ‘Ginseng Smash’ is a pure old-skool…

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Mistabishi: Beyond The Controversy

Just saying the name ‘Mistabishi’ will immediately stir up very strong opinions within most of you. He’s the black sheep of Drum & Bass and has gone from being signed to one of the biggest labels out there, Hospital Records, to being shunned by the vast majority of DJs, producers and labels. Having recently announced…

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Dose – What Lies Within / Simultaneous [SGN:Ltd]

Tidy release from Dose on SGN:Ltd. Release date: 27/05/13 Click here to buy this release.

Q.S.T – Yellow / Red Dwarf [Default Recordings]

Brand new label, bags of experience. Default Recordings is a new name on the drum & bass block, but incorporate years of first hand experience and knowledge gained from the world’s dancefloors. From the earliest acid house days, through the hardcore revolution, right up to the present day, those behind Default have been there and…

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Spirit – Wildfire / Secon – Reminiscence [Dust Audio]

Really feeling this release on Dust Audio. Loving the old school vibes. Out on vinyl & digital soon.

Fade – Song Of The Stars LP [Faded Music]

Check out the audio for Fade’s forthcoming LP ‘Song Of The Stars’ ‘Tau Ceti’ is a personal favourite. Release date: 13/05/13

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