DJ Chap – Tell Me [Free Download]

Absolute stunner of a track from DJ Chap.

Buried EP – [IM:Ltd]

IM:LTD keeps on digging deeper underground to unearth another collection of 6 stripped-down Drum & Bass tracks from the gravel-pit. Those tremors you feel at night are the work of IM:Ltd molemen Outer Heaven, Payne & NFR, ARP XP, Mono & Marukomu, Inertia, and Bone who spend their time extracting pure bass-weighted relics. Another future…

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Jalex – The Autorave (Eternia Music)

As far as Drum & Bass goes this is pretty out there – but its beautiful nonetheless. Click here to buy this release.

Cabin Fever – Not Just The Usual E.P [Stilla Audio]

Really feeling this release from the Cabin Fever lads. The whole EP is pure quality and ‘Everybody’ absolutely kills it! Love that rolling bass line. Click here to buy this release.

LuvDisaster Series Vol. 1 [LuvDisaster Records]

Amazing compilation of Liquid Funk from LuvDisaster Click here to buy this release. 01. DJ CHAP – ITS SEEMS IM NEVER (ORIG MIX) 02. DJ CHAP – BOHEMIA (ORIG MIX) 03. JOE NEBULA FEAT. PATRICIA EDWARDS – ABOUT ME AND YOU (ORIG MIX) 04. OLIVER FERRER – INTO ME (ORIG MIX) 05. OLIVER FERRER –…

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Fre4knc, Mindmapper & Mtwn – Tubular / Relic / Theropod [Samurai Music]

Wow… This is easily one of the best releases of the year so far. Release date: 27/05/13 Click here to buy this release.

Dynamic & Command Strange – A Girl Like You / Random Movement Remix [Inform Records]

Inform Records are back, this time with their first vinyl release. Dynamic & Command Strange deliver a chilled out summer tune ready for the sunshine to finally get here and the BBQs to be fired up. Random Movement adds his own twist to the track and really brings it alive. Release date: TBC

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