Get Involved With London’s Newest Record Shop, Dubplate Cutting House & Cultural Hub: Disc World

Posted by Adam on 13th November 2019

The vinyl resurgence is real. Chris & Lewis, better known to some of you as Dexta and Sicknote, are on a mission to continue that resurgence by bringing back the hub of music culture: The Record Shop. These gents are to vinyl what the bearded guys in checked shirts are to the IPA industry. They live and breathe it.

Our vision for Disc World is to create a record shop, specializing but not limited to underground dance music.  We will also offer a walk-in dubplate cutting service through our already successful venture 1-800-Dubplate.

Having already started what is easily the best named cutting house to ever exist, 1-800-Dubplate, the duo have quickly set their sights on a far bigger goal bt starting a Kickstarter campaign to open up a record shop called Disc World.

Located at 91 Brockley Rise, London, SE23 1JN the shop will be everything that a record shop once was, and more. As well as offering the irreplaceable experience of picking through rows and rows of vinyl, speaking to the shop staff and other punters about why the record you found is better than theirs, they offer a dubplate cutting service. You can literally take your tracks down to the shop and have them cut onto a 7, 10 or 12 inch dubplate! Aspiring DJ/Producers, as well as those already well established, can relive dubplate culture. I hope this brings back specials, one-offs, dubs that never get released and that envy that every DJ has when someone is spinning a plate that no one else can get their hands on.

We will be creating a hub for dance music fans to discover new music and meet people with a shared interest. We’ll be offering talks and workshops about making music, learning to DJ, how to get your music out there… amongst other topics. We’ll also be cutting dubplates on-site, giving the opportunity to DJs and musicians looking to get their music recorded on to vinyl.

So, get over to their Kickstarter page and get yourself involved in what will undoubtedly be one of London’s best record shops.

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