Kimyan Law Returns With Album Number 3 “Yonda”

Posted by Adam on 30th October 2019

Everything is fucked. That’s how it feels these days anyway. No matter what your opinions are on climate change, politics or the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre, we can all agree that the world needs more good. And Kimyan Law is here, once again, to bring something that we can all agree is what the world needs right now.

Arguably one of the most interesting people in Drum & Bass, Kimyan Law already stunned us with his fantastic first 2 long players, Coeur Calme & Zawadi, and this November – almost three years(!) to the day since the release of Zawadi – his highly anticipated third album, titled Yonda, will be released.

I guess it was about two and a half years ago when I decided to do another album. My first album Coeur Calme was kind of compelled. It happened before I knew it was an album. Zawadi, my second, was the first concept album where I set out with something to say. Now this is the second conceptual one, I wanted to focus on it being part of an ongoing story. There are references, topics and ideas that continue in this story I’m telling. I also wanted to implement things I wanted to do. Cinematic techniques, different types of story telling, different arrangements. I feel like Yonda is the most honest work I’ve done up until now.

Source – UKF

The new album represents the next phase of the young producer’s journey and it’s a journey that we, as listeners, are a part of. From the quality of production to the ambition of each album to the emotion that is portrayed, every album has been something incredibly special and Yonda is as near to perfect as any album can get, in my humble opinion.

…the first sound you hear on Yonda is the last sound you hear on Zawadi.

Source – UKF
The Yonda vinyl package is a thing of beauty

This album is everything. It’s playful, it’s relaxing, it’s gritty, it’s emotional and it’s so beautifully constructed and curated that it sets a new standard for just what an indie label and a scene outsider are capable of.

Yonda is as unique as it is intriguing and will serve as essential listening for me, and many, many others like me, long into the future.

Buy it. And also check out Kimyan Law’s interview with UKF here, it’s a fascinating read.

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