Pola & Bryson Unveil Their Finest Work To Date With the Unsaid EP

Posted by Dan on 7th September 2017

I do love it when I get me some new Pola & Bryson music to review! These guys are a seemingly unstoppable force, consistently producing Drum & Bass of a high standard, and this EP, their second release on Shogun Audio, is no exception. Here we are treated to more of their trademark piano-orientated liquid sound,  and thrown off balance with some heavier offerings as well!

First up comes the fascinating Delphic Underworld. The choice of piano chords in this one is what makes it really stand out, giving the track a mysterious, almost ominous feel, while the Halogenix-esque drums are an unexpected but highly impressive feature. As a rather keen student of Classics, I’d say the success of this track comes from the fact that, having read the works of epic poets such as Virgil and Homer (apologies for the geekiness here haha), I could easily soundtrack it to their depiction of the very land it is named after; in my books, that is a definite bonus!

Up next is the EP’s title track, Unsaid. Considering what a gorgeous tune this is in its own right, it’s almost a shame that it bears that slight resemblance to Calibre’s classic remix of T.E.E.D’s Garden, for it’s a comparison I’ve heard made too often. A wonderfully gentle piece of music, the simple but clean drums act as the perfect backdrop to the warm atmosphere created by Blake’s sweet vocals and those delicately synthesised keys. Lovely sounds indeed!

Hyperborean is the real surprise on the record; not often do we hear Pola & Bryson go in this hard (although Harry Bryson’s membership within both acts present made this collab almost inevitable)! The Data 3 touch is definitely evident here, with noticeable similarities to their own smasher Something Strange shining through in elements such as the gritty sound design, culminating in the creation of a monstrous yet subtly beautiful tune. Once again the title choice provokes my inner classicist, with the harsh tone of this track matching the imagined severe, Northern climate of the mythological Hyperborea’s Rhipaean Mountains, while still translating across the splendour of the landscape … alright, I’m done with the Classics stuff now!

Finally, Mind Seasons brings the EP to a truly epic close. Combining more beautiful, trickling piano melodies and light atmospherics with bold, stormy roars — a powerful contrast that characterises the majesty of this tune — this one in particular sets all the goosebumps off for me!

Just the other day I was listening to their debut album This Time Last Year (an album which was coincidentally released around this time last year), and while it remains a fantastic record, I could not help but notice a continued improvement in the general quality of their productions since then, with this EP marking their finest work to date in my humble opinion. With this in mind, I think we can only expect more great things from Pola & Bryson — perhaps even a Shogun album on the horizon…?

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