GLXY – Butterfly Effect EP (Soulvent Records)

Posted by Dan on 22nd September 2017

We have, in the past, predicted big things for dynamic duo GLXY. Their appearance left, right and centre in the Drum & Bass world, most recently with their lovely single Proposition / Mind Less, proves we were correct in our prediction. The next release for this pair of producers, the Butterfly Effect EP, sees them returning to London-based label Soulvent Records, and this one is lush indeed!

First up we have the title track, Butterfly Effect, a collab with Hospital resident Hugh Hardie and lyricist Visionobi. This song is quite frankly near perfect; the haunting piano segments perfectly set the tone, the bass is luxuriously thick yet has a slightly rough edge to it, while every other little element, every twinkle, growl and distant echo, flawlessly blends with one another to create a rich and sophisticated ambience. Visionobi meanwhile is on top form here too!

However, at this point it’s worth mentioning that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the well-known and respected Think Break, a prominant feature within this track. While there are of course many cases in which I adore its use (it often works miracles for drum sections, kind of like musical makeup!), there are probably just as many cases, Butterfly Effect being one example, where it simply feels unnecessary. In my recent review for Nu:Logic’s latest album, I spoke of my general objection towards sampling straight, untampered Amen Breaks – I feel exactly the same way when it comes to the Think Break, and Butterfly Effect does fall victim to this little peeve of mine as well. But hey, controversial though such statements may be, I am merely a humble reviewer, and in the end it’s fine music indeed!

Next up comes Cylindrical. Though tender and laid back, it remains deep and dark, as per GLXY’s style. The brooding nature of the echoing vocals sustains the track’s melancholy tone, while the playful synth line that sprinkles itself across the track acts as an injection of much-needed colour, and complements the tune greatly. Most pleasant!

Onwards to Bloo now! Now this tune is pretty wonderful, with its sprinkles of elegant string and guitar parts, well-refined synth sounds and the perfect rolling feel. However, if anyone else grew up watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network like I did, you might understand why I find it difficult not to picture everyone’s favourite ‘Bloo’ while trying to enjoy this track of the same name… To be honest a little part of me was hoping for some weird sample from the theme song… Anyway, big ups to GLXY for the bizarre nostalgia AND a fantastic song!

Last but most certainly not least, FD takes the reins for a “Roll Out” remix of GLXY’s Lonely. A furiously solid kick drum gives you a cheeky thwack in the chops the moment the track commences, but you aren’t given long to recover before a violent, bellowing sub bass joins in to bust your face inwards! …Ok maybe it’s not as extreme as all that, but having experienced this first-hand through a big soundsystem, I can confirm it’s not far off! This is definitely one for the heavy sets!

Overall this is a pretty neat record, and it is good to see that GLXY have successfully managed to consolidate their signature deep, yet vaguely rough-edged, liquid sound. While their best work in my opinion remains their Expressions and Impressions EP from last year, this is without a doubt a solid offering. Nice work guys!

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