We Talk To Subdivision & Precision About Their New Alias ‘Koherent’ and the new single on SGN:LTD

Posted by Josh on 5th August 2017

Hey guys, how are you both doing?
Josh (Subdivision): I’m good thanks, really happy to get the new alias out there – it feels like we’ve been sitting on it forever!

Luke (Precision): I’m also good, just finished my placement up in Leeds and soon moving back to Bristol!

I’ve been following your individual music exploits for a while now, but why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourselves & how you know each other…
Josh: We met through some rather strange circumstances. The first contact we had was while I was working at my old job at Samplephonics in Leeds. Someone rang the office and since I was the guy that got assigned to take all the phone calls I picked it up.

Luke: At the time was at University in Bristol and I wanting a work placement for my third year, (funnily enough) at Samplephonics. So as it turned out I spoke to Josh on the phone without knowing it.

Josh: Then later that day I was on DnBForum and someone was asking for some feedback on a track they’d just finished. So being the samaritan that I am, I listened and thought it was an absolute cracker! I messaged the guy ‘Precisionuk’ to find out more (you can see where this is going)…

Luke: After some chatting through SoundCloud messenger we exchanged some tracks and quickly established that it was actually me that Josh had spoken to on the phone.

Josh: After this we met up and the rest is history! Still I look back at that day and think it so strange – I never thought I’d have picked up the phone to my future collab partner.

Luke: Yeah it’s crazy! That was the first time I had ever used DnBForum. The outcome of that singular post was just ridiculous!

Obviously it’s big news in regards to Koherent, but the past year in general has been a bit mental for the two of you hasn’t it?
Josh: For sure, it’s been too much at times, especially over the last year while I’ve been trying to make music while writing my University dissertation! I had a release on Fokuz last year, which is one of those bucket list labels for me that really got me into Drum & Bass in the first place. Since then I’ve had a hectic gig schedule – it’s been especially surreal seeing people after a set reciting my own discography better than I can myself!

Luke: Yeah for me it was very much getting my foot in the door. Similar to now, I had been prepping my Precision alias behind closed doors and the last year was a case of getting that content out and building a name for myself, which went well.

My release on Matthias’s label Limitless did particularly well, I bumped into him in Andorra at Horizon festival, which was funny. Shout out to the Heavy Signal boys for getting me to play and Matthias for the spare bed!

Unlike Josh I was working shifting TV’s for a living after my placement at Samplephonics fell through last minute. Halfway through the year though it seemed like I was building up content for a new alias… and now Koherent is finally out in the open!

So then, tell us a little about Koherent and where the idea came from.
Josh: After we made a couple tracks together we quickly began to notice that our contrast in sounds created a combination that we wanted to explore more. Around this time our good friend Pete from Deadline got an AR job for Shogun and wanted to show them to Friction, which we saw as a long shot but he got back to us pretty promptly. It was after this point that we decided to really take the alias seriously and come up with a fresh new name. However we really struggled to find a good name. After many months of thinking, we compiled a list and sent them over to Ed (Friction) for some help.

Luke: Yeah it got to the point where we really were sending terrible names. At one point we sent “Jah” as a name. Apparently everyone in the Shogun office were cracking up, which was totally understandable. We personally didn’t feel our original names sounded good together, we wanted a shorter and snappier name. We both write different styles we thought it would be good to keep the original aliases for the occasional solo bit so we can truly have musical flexibility and still make exactly what we want.

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the new single on SGN:LTD and both tunes are absolutely huge. How does it feel to be releasing on such a revered label?!
Luke: Thanks man, appreciate the support. Yeah, it’s madness! We’re both incredibly humbled to be working with them. A lot of the artists they have brought up through the years we look up to a great deal and Solitary Native (Alix Perez & Sabre) will always sit close with us both. We’re also incredibly grateful that they picked us up for our debut… risky business for a label!

Josh, your guest mix for us back in March featured a load of other dubs, are some of those Koherent tracks?
Josh: Absolutely! I was a little nervous about how people would respond to that mix considering there was nearly an album’s worth of unheard Koherent & Subdivision music in there. Luckily, it seemed to go down really well, shown by the amount of ID requests on SoundCloud. It was also great to be able to showcase some future music from other upcoming artists, particularly our friends from Leeds such as Revaux & Aperio who are absolutely smashing it. We’re hoping that this general positivity we’ve received so far is a good sign of things to come.

Nice one! Thanks for your time lads, is there anything else you want to share with us?
Both: Thanks for having us! Wanted to give a massive shout out to everyone who’s been supporting us so far. Find our music over at soundcloud.com/koherentdnb & stay tuned for more info on our website at koherentdnb.com.


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