S.P.Y Unleashes Hellfire With Alone In The Dark: EP 2

Posted by Josh on 8th August 2017

There are very few artists who possess a discography as strong and extensive as S.P.Y’s, and after listening to his latest outing on Hospital Records I have to admit I’m starting to doubt whether he is even human. He’s also extremely versatile; able to craft instant liquid anthems (By Your Side, Love Hurts etc) as well as some of the murkiest endeavours heard this decade (Mucky Business, Xenomorph etc).

S.P.Y has opted to treat us with three separate EP’s released throughout the year, rather than a standalone album. Alone In The Dark: EP 2 is the second to be announced, and it’s a hefty one…

Termination is first into the foray with an earth-shattering sub-bass that is surely lethal on a big system. With a gloriously minimalistic soundscape, all the focus is on that heinous bassline.

A future classic for sure, Get Up is a rowdy belter that doesn’t hesitate in battering your rib cage with deep sensations. I’m an epic fan of those cascading piano keys too – they really help to craft a softer side to this tune.

Following this is Shadow Play. The percussion in this track is simply mind-bending, stuttering snares rolling effortlessly as cymbals tumble into oblivion.

Nevertheless, my pick of the bunch has to be Cold Wave. This is one of those tunes that will absolutely destroy a venue, the reece spitting angrily atop a devilish bassline that seeks to register itself on worldwide seismometers. I’m addicted and I need more…

Mind Over Matter finishes things off nicely, the vexed vocals of Inja skipping rapidly over splintered breaks to complete this epic 5 track EP.

S.P.Y has smashed this release, his talent with low frequencies unquestionable. Go a grab it from iTunes, the Hospital Shop or wherever it is you chose to get your beats

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