Mefjus & Kasra Converge On Critical Music With Their New Single

Posted by Adam on 6th August 2017

It seems surprising that these two biblically significant neuro icons haven’t collaborated before, especially given Mefjus’ consistent presence (and exclusive signing) on Kasra’s Critical Music imprint. Has it been worth the wait? F**K YES.

We begin with Decypher, and I’m happy to report that the insanely fastidious production that we have become accustomed to hearing on Mefjus releases continues here. That eerie swirling expanse of the first minute is swiftly slapped into submission by the endless shudder of jagged breaks and militant sub-bass. This isn’t a particularly weighty track, but it has undeniable momentum.

Conversion is on the flip side. This is an utterly carnivorous track with multiple monstrous sounds encompassing the dystopian soundscape throughout. I particularly enjoyed how they seem to have sampled an injured Pterodactyl for one of those sounds…

This is an outstanding release. It is clear to see the commitment that Kasra brings to Critical Music as he continues to push himself and the label forward beyond the 15-year anniversary. Salute!

Make sure you head over to the Critical Music Shop to bag your copy.

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