Why Blu Mar Ten Music Is The Most Underrated Label In Drum & Bass

Posted by Adam on 6th August 2017

Now, before we crack on, let’s be very clear what the message is here. Blu Mar Ten Music is a label that has a lot of fans around the world but it just doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of love that it should. The label is home to not only Blu Mar Ten’s last 4 albums, and the ensuing remix EPs, but also music from producers ranging from the totally unknown to veterans of the scene.

So, here’s why you should be paying attention to this incredible label (if you aren’t already).

They’ve brought through some incredible talent
When you think of Blu Mar Ten Music you immediately think of Kimyan Law and Conduct, two names that have gone from either newcomer or total unknown to two of the most exciting, inspiring and interesting artists in Drum & Bass. Kimyan Law’s first album was an absolute game changer, a lot of us hadn’t heard anything like it before, and Conduct‘s debut LP was exactly the same, in terms of impact (they’ve got a 2nd album coming very soon, read about that here).

“As time went on, there were all these other artists who a bit too weird or a bit too unknown to get released on other labels, or they were being ignored for whatever reason and I think we realised that it would be helpful to use the small amount of weight we’d gathered to try and draw some attention towards them as well. I think it’s really important to try and bring new people through otherwise we’ll end up with a scene full of old guys monopolising the top end and all the young people floundering around at the bottom. That’s not fair and it’s not interesting, so I think it’s incumbent on anyone who’s had a bit of luck to try and pass it on.”

It’s not all about these 2 though, they’ve had brilliant releases from Queensway, RQ and eleven8, to name just a few, proving that it’s not about name or ego – it’s purely about the music.

It’s a sub genre free-for-all
With most labels, especially the bigger ones, you’ll generally know what you’re going to get when a new release is announced as the label has a particular “sound” or the artist is a label regular. However, with Blu Mar Ten Music you literally have no idea what’s coming next. Literally NO IDEA. For example, this wicked release from Need For Mirrors

Was followed by Akuratyde’s beautiful Embrace EP

It’s all about the music
Chris of Blu Mar Ten, who runs the Blu Mar Ten Music, has, since the label was launched in 2009, always been clear that this isn’t about merely shifting units or making money (he’s not shy about admitting there isn’t a huge amount of money in releasing music as it is) it’s about releasing great music, leaving behind a back catalogue that will stand the test of time. Any money made gets put straight back into the label to keep it going and you have to admire that.

“All money from this store goes directly back into the project, helping to discover, release and promote new artists.”

Music for the ‘heads’
It’s not just new artists with their genre bending, left field take on Drum & Bass that feature on the label. Some people may not see the appeal of Kimyan Law or Conduct (although I personally comprehend why someone wouldn’t) and if you’re one of those insane people, BMTM still has you covered. As well as Blu Mar Ten using it as the sole outlet for their own material they’ve released music from the likes of Spirit, Need For Mirrors, Stray and Tim Reaper as well as remixes from dBridge, Seba, Klute, Break & many, many more.

You can follow Blu Mar Ten Music via the links below:

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