8 More Small Labels That You Should Be Paying Attention To

Posted by Adam on 9th August 2017

I’ve written twice before about small Drum & Bass labels that deserve your attention, back in 2014 and 2015, so after not doing so last year it felt like a good time to do another roundup of the labels that are smashing it right now (listed in alphabetical order).

Concussion Records
The Kent based label made it’s debut in 2016 and has racked up a modest 5 releases in that time, with number six just around the corner. Quality over quantity is the label’s strong point with each and every releasing being right on point.

www.concussionrecs.co.uk | www.twitter.com/concussionrecs | www.facebook.com/concussionrecords | www.soundcloud.com/concussionrecords

Context Audio
With music from new artists at the core of what the label does since it’s inception Context has always been a label you can look to for new and exciting music. With releases ranging from liquid to tech there’s something for everyone.

www.contextaudio.com | www.facebook.com/contextaudio | www.soundcloud.com/contextaudiodnb

Limitless Recordings
Limitless has probably been around the longest out of all the labels on this list and they’ve been quietly smashing it over the last four or so years. Hugh Hardie and Keeno both made appearances on the label when it first launched. After a brief hiatus they came back with music from Northern Zone & GLXY with new artists getting love along the way too.

www.facebook.com/limitlessrecordings | www.soundcloud.com/limitlessrecordsdnb

Lossless Music
Soul Intent’s label, which he setup as an outlet for his own music has quickly grown and now boasts 2 sister labels (Exkursions & Dope Plates), has given us some great music, from his debut album Delusions Of Grandeur through to 90s jungle inspired tracks like ‘2 Bad’, the label is a continual source of great music. Definitely one for the heads.

www.facebook.com/LosslessMusicUK | www.twitter.com/losslessmusicuk | www.soundcloud.com/lossless-music

Rua Sound
With a mere 4 releases to their name Irish based label Rua Sound is still in its infancy, relatively speaking, but every releases so far has been brilliant. They site nicely where Dub, Reggae, Jungle and Drum & Bass all crossover resulting in some seriously good music. Proper head nodding vibes all day long.

www.facebook.com/ruasound | www.twitter.com/rua_sound | www.soundcloud.com/rua_sound

Terra Firma
Having only launched this year Terra Firma has hit the ground running with several great releases out in quick succession with a strong focus on showcasing and pushing new producers. On top of the music they’ve also got the sickest artwork of any label I’ve come across in ages.

www.terrafirmarecords.co.uk | www.facebook.com/TerraFirmaSound | www.twitter.com/TerraFirmaSound | www.soundcloud.com/terrafirmasound

The Chikara Project
Easily the newest label on this list but possibly the most promising. Started by Mystic State just a couple of months ago they’ve released 2 fantastic EPs and as Mystic State continue to grow and gain even more popularity they’re sure to take the label with them.

www.facebook.com/thechikaraproject | www.soundcloud.com/thechikaraproject

The Dreamers Recordings
Despite being home to Sun And Bass there isn’t a huge amount of DnB coming out of Italy however The Dreamers Recordings is doing a lot to change that. Their releases range from flat out rollers to big techy numbers through to some of the best and most energetic halftime/footwork tunes. This is definitely one of my personal favourites.

www.facebook.com/thedreamersrec | www.twitter.com/thedreamersdnb | www.soundcloud.com/thedreamersrecordings

Concussion RecordsContext AudioLimitless RecordingsLossless MusicRua SoundTerra FirmaThe Chikara ProjectThe Dreamers Recordings

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