We Talk To Viper Recordings’ Latest Signing Blaine Stranger About His New Single

Posted by Adam on 20th July 2017

Viper is a hot bed for new talent and their most recent signing comes in the form of Australian DJ & producer Blaine Stranger. Ahead of his debut single on the label we grabbed him for a chat to learn more about the man behind the music…

Hi Sam, how are you?
Hello Ninja Ninja! I’m well, things are well, hopefully my tunes are well, too?!

Your popularity in Drum & Bass has risen incredibly quickly – tell us about your journey into Drum & Bass and making music
I got into drum and bass around 2009/2010. I used to listen to Pendulum, not even knowing what dnb was, I just thought it was rock music! Then later on once I started producing my own music (which I was mostly doing house) I also made way into the world of dnb, just making fun liquid styled tunes.
I started Blaine Stranger in 2014 to get a fresh new dnb alias underway and haven’t looked back.

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Also where does the name Blaine Stranger come from?
I’d love to say it had some sort of spiritual meaning, but it just really loved the name. And Stranger sounds kind of, mysterious…

You’ve recently signed with Viper, an incredible achievement for a relatively new producer on the scene – how did you end up working and then signing with them?
MC Coppa and Laurie from Mind Vortex helped get my tunes in the hands of Viper and we’ve been working together since! The classic way of sending demo’s can be a tough one, I had sent my stuff through to Viper before this happened and never heard back. After Laurie had sent my tunes over to Viper, I then received a call from Futurebound asking where I’d been all this time…. IN YOUR INBOX, BRO.
But in all seriousness, I’d advise anyone trying to get their demo’s heard to get out there in their local scene, try and meet people, connections make connections!

You’ve got a new single coming at the end of this month, kicking off with Mesmerise which has a definite 80s vibe. What music influences you when you’re writing?
I’m a bit of a space cadet sometimes and love zoning out to dreamy music! I find a lot of 80’s stuff does that to me. I’m also really inspired by ambient hip-hop, in particular Noah ’40’ Shebib, who, for those of you that don’t know, produces for Drake.

Get Down is much more rough and ready, did you purposely pick 2 contrasting tracks for the single?
Yeah I kind of like the idea of having a heavy hitter and a poppy dancefloor tune side by side!

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How would you describe the single in 5 words?
It’s drum and bass, mate.

And what are the biggest tunes that you’re playing out at the minute?
Dimension – Generator
Upgrade – Blow
Sigma – All Blue
Boombox Cartel – Alamo
Metrik – We Got It Ft. Rothwell (S.P.Y Remix)
All BOMB tunes!

Thanks man, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
No, thank you!! Hope ya’ll dig the upcoming tunes, I have so much awaiting release. Peace everyone, and keep the party crankin’!

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