We Chat With Seba About His New Latest Single And What’s Next For Secret Operations

Posted by Adam on 21st July 2017

With a back catalogue that stretches back 20 years, and with his label Secret Operations about to celebrate it’s fifteenth birthday, Seba is nothing short of a staple of Drum & Bass. You want find any “bangers” or three and half minute, radio friendly “anthems” in his back cat, oh no. It’s full of Drum & Bass in its purest form, true to its roots and unchanged throughout every fad that has come and gone in that time.

Hi Sebastian, where have we caught you today?
In the studio. Working on beats!

What have you been up to so far this year, any personal highlights?
I´ve had two releases on Secret Operations so far and a release on Fokuz recordings. I´ve also started a lot of collaborations with Jr Vallo that needs to get wrapped up.

You’re back working with JR Vallo for your new single on Secret Operations, how did you start working together?
Patrik (Jr Vallo) is someone I´ve known for some time. I knew he´d made some hip hop beats before and I knew he was in the drum&bass scene in the late 90´s. He asked me if he could hear what I was doing in the studio one day, and we got stuck there for hours. After a few sessions, we had about 7 sketches of new tracks.

And it’s not your first release together…can we expect more?
Yes. We got another release lined up on Secret Operations (secops 029) and got a track on the forthcoming Spearhead compilation “The Soundtrack”.

Your style has always seen you stay true to the breaks and more subtle productions, compared to todays “bangers” at least, how do you see the scene as a whole these days and where does your sound fit in to that?
The drum & bass scene is totally divided today. It´s kind of like House music that broke in to Progressive, Tech-house and EDM. I´m still doing the same music I´ve always been doing. I call it just “drum&bass”. Sometimes it comes out under “Liquid”, sometimes “Jungle” or “Drumfunk” even. I don’t put those labels. It doesn’t really matter to me. What matter is to make music that is musical and that you can listen to it. Not DJ tools, or dancefloor bangers. But I always have a dancefloor in my mind when I work. Otherwise it just becomes listening music, and probably and won´t be played out.

How is the scene doing in Sweden in general these days?
It has its ups and down. I sense that in general, the drum&bass scene in Sweden is mostly focused on what goes on in the UK or Holland. We don’t really have our own identity when it comes to drum&bass. Techno does. There are a lot of different Techno parties, good DJ´s and producers.

One thing we all want to know is, are there any plans for another Seba album? And if so, when can we expect it!?
This is being investigated, negotiated and is under discussion. But yes. I cant say when though. Hopefully 2018.

What else can we expect from you in 2017? Do you have your releases for the year locked in?
There’s a few Secret Operations releases lined up. Next one is remixes from my album “Return to forever” by Om Unit and Digital, followed by another Seba release I´m also working on releases for Inperspective records and Commercial Suicide.

Thanks so much! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
I´ve always been very slow when it comes to using digital media, but I finally managed to set up my website with an online store where both mp3 and vinyl is available as well as T-hirts

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