We Talk To Roklo About Mayan Audio, Premiere His New Track And Discuss What’s Next For Him

Posted by Adam on 11th July 2017

It’s been a roller coaster for Mayan Audio, who are still a young label at just 3 years old, with their popularity increasing quicker than most new labels can dream of with the one of the labels highlights of 2017 set to be hosting a stage at Let It Roll.

Ahead of the release of their Mayan Audio Goes To Let It Roll EP later this month I had a chat with Roklo, label CEO and producer, about his contribution to the EP as well as what’s net for the label.

Hi Tony, how’s things?
Hey Adam i’m very good thanks for taking your time to do this interview.

2017 has been a big year for your label, Mayan Audio, any highlights so far?
This year has by far been the amazing for the label in terms of releases and events. I would say that a personal highlight would being asked to host a stage at this year’s Let It Roll Festival, we never expected to receive the email and it’s such a massive honour, I cannot wait to lead the label out at this years event.
Every track that we release is exciting and a highlight because we get to shape and sculpt the future of the label!
Other highlights is our events, hosting the DnB room with Regression Session and Viper Recordings at club fire in London have been so much fun. I recently did a weekend trip to Prague with Nuklear headlining for Empire recordings and playing at a LIR warm up party, Prague is like my second home its always fun to go back and party with friends.

You’re about to release a new track on the label, as part of the Mayan Audio Goes To Let It Roll EP, what are you first – a producer or label owner?
Firstly I started this whole journey as a DJ/ producer. I think every successful label has a CEO that produces and has a knowledge of production to help guide and craft the label. Over the last few years since launching the label my production has taken a back seat due to the amount of time and energy it takes to push and run the label. Now things are solid and the foundations of day to day procedures are a formality between me and my partner Gary I’m starting to get time to get back into making music and finishing off the hefty back log of unfinished ideas and projects I have!

And how does the A&R process work – do you have other people who A&R so it’s impartial when it comes to your own music?
Honest and open feedback is a massive thing we have right within the label, everybody helps each other with tips and production techniques. All of the lads trust me to give them the right guidance and critique without taking offence and I can trust them to do the same thing and that’s something I love about Mayan it’s a real family vibe!

You’ve collaborated with Recs & Nuklear on your track Evolution, how did you all end up working on this tune?
Richard and Craig AKA Recs sent me an early version of the track way back last August. Soon as I heard the menacing intro synth I rang them and they sent over the stems! I had an instant buzz about the track and had knew exactly what direction it should go in. Over the past few months Recs and myself have had some seriously long studio sessions. The track sounded heavy but it was missing something. Anyway Hal AKA Nuklear had been recording some of his vocals in my studio and I drew for one he hadn’t used yet and it instantly just sat so well! Hal came back down to my studio to re-record the vocals and the rest is history!

And can we expect more new music from you soon? Maybe a solo release?
You certainly can but not soon I’ve been in studio a lot over the last few months finishing tracks ready to test at LIR but unfortunately not this year as im building an arsenal to let out in quick succession. I may be involved in a big project we have coming up towards our third year anniversary in sept but the solo singles will be next year!

Apart from your own track what’s your favourite cut from the EP?
All touch on a slightly different vibe so all have a great place on the EP

There’s a Mayan Audio party bus at Let It Roll – that’s huge! What can people expect to hear?
Expect some absolute party bus mayhem!We have 4 Mayan artists dropping bombs in a back 2 back hour long crazy bus ride. Nuklear is going to be hosting this wild ride it’s going to be epic!

Thanks! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
We have a massive annual summer LP due to drop next headed up with a music video so watch out for that followed by some incredible singles and something special for our 3 year anniversary!

I just want to thank everybody that supports mayan and believes in our vision it means a lot! See you all at LIR.

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