Phaction Drops Two More Luxurious Cuts To Impress Once More

Posted by Ben on 25th July 2017

Out of the many acts just killing that funky liquid sound, Phaction is one of our favourites and it really feels like he’s picked up steam this year. His Signature Moves EP was a masterclass in how to construct a release that places over on that side of the scene, roping in people like Hugh Hardie and Leo Wood, mixing vibes and generally sounding incredible.

This time around the Bristolian is back on Liquicity, a label that’s played host to some of Phaction’s best releases, with a rippling 2-part single. First up is Unified Theory and I was extremely happy to see Leo Wood on vocal duties once more, her contributions to the aforementioned Signature Moves EP plus Phaction’s Stratos marking some of his best work. The double bass is back in town for Unified Theory, underpinning a tumbling drum break that sits in an exquisite pitch range – not aggressive but packing plenty of weight. This one is soulful, delicate and intricately balanced to deliver both punch and panache.

Ever Present strays into wispier territory, opening with jazzy mix of faint piano and luscious hi-hats. The smooth jazz vibes aren’t just for the introduction either, Ever Present stays at a slower tempo and relies on an interesting percussion section of claps and subtle kocks, ensuring that the main item is a sultry sample. Another double bass, this one more drawn out and downtrodden, adds an earthy bass texture, providing the undertones for a gradual chord progression of dusty keys and rusty ambience. Perhaps not one for those who like their music rolling, Ever Present nonetheless sounds immaculate.

They don’t get much better than Phaction right now, and this is an especially strong release for Liquicity, a label which tends to stray into cheesy territory too often for my liking. A suitable addition to the music collection for any who enjoy the light corner of drum n bass, grab this now on iTunes.


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