Liquid Maestros Satl & Malaky Strike Musical Gold With The A Minute After Always EP

Posted by Josh on 4th July 2017

Satl & Malaky are no strangers to the liquid scene, both boasting a consistent string of dreamy solo releases for several years now. Their history together has also been extensive – with collaborations on Fokuz & Celsius, Soul Trader and most recently with the serene roller Sleepless Nights on Satl’s SGN:LTD release late last year.

This time the duo has smashed their way onto Integral Records with the astonishingly soulful The Minute After Always EP which is a stunning piece of work, keeping true to the deep Integral sound.

The title track, which features Harland & Steo, is endlessly suave. The percussion is deliciously crispy, effortlessly gliding over the smooth sub whilst background pads sweep through the mid frequencies. Vocals provided by Steo are astounding as expected, and help to turn this track into one of the most soulful cuts of the year so far.

Buy: iTunes / Integral Shop

We’re then treated to the solo excursion, Lovin’ U from Satl. The piano keys on this track are enough to send anyone into blissful oblivion, let alone the beautifully analogue sounding drums.

Serenade, featuring the seemingly unstoppable duo GLXY, is next up and it’s an interesting roller. The vaguely aggressive reece growls are most definitely a GLXY addition and it works wonderfully, highlighting a true dream team of liquid talent.

Buy: iTunes / Integral Shop

For sheer production value, Still the Same is a masterclass. I found myself mesmerised by the vocal sample that wormed itself in and out of the swirling atmospherics and surging bass.

Put quite simply, this EP should be a mandatory listen/purchase for all liquid fans out there. Satl & Malaky have reached dizzy new heights – be sure to watch out for these two in the near future.

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