L-Side Delivers A Majestic Solo EP on V Recordings

Posted by Ed on 8th July 2017

Leonardo de Jesus Silva, aka L-Side has cemented himself as one of the most formidable producers to hail from the melting pot of D&B excellence that is Brazil. As a nation bursting at the seams with prolific and highly talented producers, this man has managed to emerge as one of the most exceptional on the circuit and has a brand spanking new EP on V Recordings. With releases on Philly Blunt, V, Chronic, Celsius and Soul Deep, it’s painstakingly obvious that this musical maestro can harness a profusion of sonic styles.

Known for his exquisite coalition of upfront and aggressive sonic elements merged with funk and soul styles, he’s managed to forge an impeccably fresh take on drum & bass. His new EP Love Vibration is a step in a different direction from his more forthright and combative drum & bass, however, his utility as a producer knows no bounds, and like many of his Brazilian brethren, he walks the line between light/dark and elegant/aggressive with effortless flair.

Kicking things off is Dark Matter. An eerily beautiful atmosphere is created with warm and lasting bass stabs that provides the musical focus of the track. Pensive and somber, the gentle and dark overtones of the piece are fed further with a gorgeous female vocal sample injected at key points throughout. There are few other tracks that emulate this piece and it remains starkly unique. 

Keeping things moving is the first of two tracks to contain a dedicated vocalist. Love Vibration featuring Ras Tweed continues along the path laid down by Dark Matter. This wistful number is packed to the brim with spacey pads which create an almost interstellar atmosphere. These cosmic nuances further heighten the emotive aspects of the EP thus far and remain, yet again, somewhat distinctive. Such a beautifully anguished auditory experience is balanced through the rolling drums that inject a strong dose of energy. As first track of the night, or even as the last, the versatility of this piece operates in parallel with L-Side strong musical range.

Adhering to a more traditional liquid style, Rain featuring Christina Tamayo is a blissful roller which is as rich in character as it is in ambience. Subtle bass grooves sitting underneath Christinas enchanting lyrics amalgamate to construct an exquisite piece of work. What’s brilliant about this track is how simple it sounds at first glance. But upon deeper reflection, you begin to notice the complex elements that work in conjuncture with one another, blending seamlessly together. A genuine triumph.

Finally, we have Heads or Tails. As the most energetic track on the EP, this roller manages to represent the perfect blend between dancefloor and liquid forms. Another gorgeous vocal sample used throughout the track provides some melancholic connotations but the overarching track is one of feel good and dynamic energy. Never bland and keenly original, this whole release manages to merge the classic drum & bass attitude in a way that manufactures something quite unique. A true sonic architect, L-Side, we bow down to you.

Although beginning his journey into musical production via the medium of hip-hop, he has risen as one of the most versatile artists in the scene yet remains an avid turntablist whose vinyl collection is the stuff of legends. His broad range of influences are clear when you listen to his production, and with an album forthcoming in (hopefully) the not to distant future, I can safely say the future is very bright for this exemplary drum & bass architect.

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