The Hospital Bros. Nu:Logic Are Back And On Top Form With Somewhere Between The Light

Posted by Dan on 13th July 2017

Well… I think saying there’s been a degree of anticipation in the run-up to Nu:Logic‘s second album would be a massive understatement. I myself had sky-high expectations for this following their outstanding debut LP What I’ve Always Waited For back in 2013, and I can confirm that the Hospital Bros. have definitively delivered another praiseworthy record, pulling in collabs with artists such as LSB, The Nextmen and yet another Gresham brother, Other Echoes. There are quite a few corkers in here, so I’m just going to pick out the sweetest of the bunch!

As the tune’s leading choirboys make their way up to the pews, snapbacks tilted and giant H logos branding their gowns, our ears are opened first to the bliss that is Somewhere Between the Light. The album’s title track is as majestic as they come, bestrewn with twinkles, faded strings and that weird yet rather moving choir sample – instantly informing us that we’re in for a treat with this record!

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Side By Side meanwhile is modest in production but quintessential choonage. Thomas Oliver takes centre stage with his gorgeous vocals, whilst backed with some sweet electric keys. However, I would like to take a moment to show some real appreciation for the bass on this track; the way it moves about is just so clever, and honestly gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Further down the line, we come across a proper gem. Much like the god-sent cake it is named after, Red Velvet‘s delicate, luscious beauty, without lacking in good substance, and it’s perfect (vocal) slicing, makes it a real highlight. Dreamweaver also succeeds in providing that same chilled, head-in-the-clouds vibe later on, but I’d say Red Velvet just about pips it to the top in that area!

Another firm favourite of mine is Nova; slick, groovy, it’s drum and bass in a tux. From the get-go I was hooked onto this one, drawn in by its suave jazziness before being thrown right into a frenzy of strings, hype vox and bassy goodness – not dissimilar to Sanctuary, the signature ascending string sections of which prove a treat that’s hard to beat! Perhaps this is a controversial opinion, but I often find a straight, untampered amen break placed beneath a track a tad lazy, with only the cases in which it actually seems ‘necessary’ for the track to work being forgiven (of course, this is subjective). Thankfully, tracks like Nova fall into the latter set for me, and it comes out a right pleasure to listen to!

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Finally, Our Nights is one hell of a track, more obviously Nu:Tone influenced (check out Holocomm from his Future History album!), and acts as the perfect closer to a class record. Paced right down, it thuds along with priceless swagger, a gratifying vocal sat comfortably on top of it – again, some may disagree, but I’d say this probably outshines some of the more uptempo tracks on the album!

Overall, Nu:Logic have done a smashing job with Somewhere Between the Light. Massively clichéd though such a statement may be, this honestly is a ‘summer’ album, providing an ideal soundtrack to go with the gorgeous weather we in London have been graced with. I suppose, after a few listens, it’s probably not quite at the same level as their first album – although to be fair, that was a freaking humdinger of an album – but don’t let that put you off, because I still absolutely love this!

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