FLeCK Talks To Us About His New Single On Sub Slayers

Posted by Adam on 12th July 2017

Hi mate, how are you?
I’m very well, thank you! Nice to have a chat with you.

How’s the year treated you so far? Any highlights?
2017 has been very nice so far. Lots of great music was released this year and I’ve noticed a certain growth of the scene, young people are getting more interested to the Jungle/DnB sound which is very positive. Highlights of the year for me so far was definitely my set at Glastonbury Festival! It was my first time playing there and I could’ve never imagined that it’d have been such a massive gig!

Great vibes! Another highlight is that I have been welcomed aboard by Ray Keith on his legendary label Dread Recordings. For me that’s quite a milestone as I’ve been listening to their music since I was a teenager and now I start releasing my music on that label!

Buy: http://smarturl.it/SS54

How’s the scene out in Athens? Is there a big demand for DnB music and events?
I don’t live in Athens any more as I’ve moved to Italy so I’m not very well informed but as far as I know the scene in Athens is small, as always has been. People are not particularly interested in Jungle/DnB, at least not as much as back in the ‘90s. I think there are many reasons for this like the general cultural background of the city, the economic crisis, the mainstream radio domination and the lack of interest of the promoters. So people in many cases don’t get to know about this music, they don’t have any inputs. This can obviously become a vicious circle, promoters don’t care, people don’t care so djs and producers don’t care and so on. The demand for DnB and a scene in general cannot become big this way.

Your musical output seems to be almost constant and spans so many labels, how do you manage to produce music constantly and keep the quality high?
I’ve been making music for many years now so I think at some level it has probably become quite automatic, that means more work in less time. Of course I don’t sleep a lot at night and my personal life has been cut down to the essentials the last couple of years! But I enjoy it a lot and I am happy that I now start to see the fruits of labour!

A label that you’ve got a long relationship with is Sub Slayers, how did you get involved with them?
A few years back I used to play many of the tunes they released, I was a lot into the 140 Jungle and breaks thing, I was also producing a lot of that kind of stuff. King Yoof and Gold Dubs who are also involved with the label are good friends too. I don’t remember exactly but probably somehow my music arrived to Jay’s ears so he wrote to me and asked me to make a release on his label and I’m thankful for that.

You’ve got a new single out on Sub Slayers, tell us about the tracks. How would you describe your sound?
My studio time is mainly occupied by making remixes for other artists so when I find some free time to make my own thing is always great because I can express myself at 100%. The new single on Sub Slayers is a very personal thing. I used sounds and vocals that have been haunting my mind the last couple of decades and that’s why it has this 90’s old school flavour. It’s great to bring back that early rave days feeling into the present through music.
Both tunes are structured in a new school Jungle/DnB way but they are definitely very nostalgic of the breakbeat hardcore and early jungle sound. I’m happy to see that they receive great support from legends like The Freestylers, Cool Hand Flex, Bay B Kane, Nicky Blackmarket and many others!

Buy: http://smarturl.it/SS54

What music, in and out of Drum & Bass, inspires you when producing?
I love roots reggae and dub music, this is a constant inspiration for me. One can notice the dub element in every single tune I release. I am also inspired by the early Jungle and Drum and Bass music and I confess that I’m not a big fan of the high – tech neuro kind of sound. I am attracted by the foundation sounds, dirty old school basslines and breaks.

And when you’re not listening to DnB what are you listening to?
I usually listen to dub and reggae. A bit of hip hop and funk too. I just wish I had more time to listen to more music!

What have you got in store for the rest of 2017?
I’ve got a few releases scheduled, I’m working on a project with Jago from Unit 137, a few tunes coming out on Serial Killaz and Dread Recordings later this year, remixes for Dj Hybrid, Dub Pistols, Ancient Astronauts, Top Cat, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Son of a Pitch and a few others. There’s a single coming on Roots Records alongside Selecta J-Man and a little EP I’m working on with Blue Hill featuring Soom T. I am also working on a sample pack for Loopmasters and Dread Recordings which should be finished very soon. There’s more in the pipeline for sure but I can’t remember all of it right now!

Thanks! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thank you for this little interview and for the support! I just want to big up all the people who support the scene and the music! Keep the fire burning!

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