As Insomniax Make Their Debut On Viper We Grabbed The Lads For A Chat

Posted by Adam on 23rd July 2017

It was only a few days ago that I talked about how Viper is a hotbed for new talent and here we are again with one of their newest artists, Insomniax.

Their new single Crying Rain / Facehugger is out now so we had a chat with them to learn more about the people behind the music and what we can expect next from them…

Hi gents, how are you both? Where have we caught you today?
Today we are both in the studio working on separate projects. Damien is working on some vocal liquid tracks and im working on some sound design.

Tell us a bit about who Insomniax is and how you came to work together
We were both writing as solo artists before we signed to Viper. We had talked about working on a single co-lab for a while, we used to bump into each other at local events. We’d always chat about music and how we liked what the other person was doing. After a couple of years of talking about it, we finally hooked up and the first 2 tracks we wrote were Digital Murder and Can’t Resist…The rest as they say is history.

You’re signed to Viper, how did that come about? Had you worked with them or other labels before that?
Basically, we had both been writing Drum and Bass for a long time and things had started to pick up. We were both getting support from some of the big artists in the scene and getting played on 1Xtra and Kiss. At this point Damien had his own record label called Fine Print Audio, where he was releasing his own stuff and I had just signed a 4 track jungle EP to a label called Benefit Beats.

I’d been sending music to Dan and Phil Brookes (Brookes Brothers) for a few years and they were giving me sound advice on how to progress. I sent over Digital Murder, they loved it and asked if they could send it to Brendan (Futurebound) at Viper.

Brendan is an extremely busy man and it wasn’t until around 4 months later that he got in contact. He asked for all the music we were currently working on. We sent him a folder of stuff and he got back to us that day and asked us to sign to Viper exclusively (just to add, I don’t think he has ever replied to us that quickly about anything in the 4 years since haha).

And you’re about to release your debut single on Viper after appearing on Viper VIP and various compilations, how does that feel? Has it been a long time coming?
It’s a great feeling! Obviously we’re always happy with our music being on compilations and Viper VIP but having a release on the main label is ultimately what we have been working towards.

How has your sound and productions changed or evolved since you started working with the label?
We both always had a certain kind of sound that you would hear in our productions and I guess we have just worked on fine tuning certain aspects of the technical side of things. Also trying to tie our different styles together as one to fit onto the label. Sounds obvious but when you’re writing for a label as big as Viper you need to think carefully about how your music is going to translate in the clubs and also at home or on iPod headphones etc. We really like it to be a balance of the two.

The single consists of Crying Rain and Facehugger, 2 contrasting tracks. Do you have a preferred style to write or are you happy writing anything that you feel has a good vibe?
We definitely just write whatever we are in the mood for, we love all styles of drum and bass. Some days we really feel like writing music incorporating lots of real instruments like string sections, guitar, and piano etc. But other days we like to go in hard with more gnarly tech stuff, so there’s definitely that element of contrast in our productions.

And what can we expect from you guys next, do you have much more lined up for 2017?
Yeah we are currently working on loads of new stuff including a VIP of a track we had out last year. We have recently found a vocalist that we are really happy with so we have quite a few liquid vocal tracks on the go. There is also some remix work coming up, thats something that we are definitely looking forward to in the future. Its always fun putting your stamp on someone else’s track.

Thanks for your time, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Damien likes to cross-dress in his spare time and I was born with 6 fingers on my left hand. I think we can leave those thoughts with you…

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