Artificial Intelligence Return To Metalheadz With The Reprisal EP

Posted by Jaap on 3rd July 2017

The Reprisal EP on Metalheadz is the first EP of 2017 for Artificial Intelligence, and it did not disappoint. There’s something about these 4 tracks together, a sense of unity and power even though each track is quite different in its own way. Artificial Intelligence keeps it interesting by playing around with rhythm, layering, sound design, delivering a very self-aware 4 track EP that I think you should definitely give a listen.

The title track feels sort of fragmented, with little vocal snippets here and there, short pad sweeps that come and go and even a polyrhythmic guitar melody (which threw me off in the intro, but in a good way!). The powerful drums coupled with a simple but effective deep bassline make sure that your brain has something to hold on to though. It’s a very strong track that plays cleverly with contrast and placement of elements, and sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the EP.

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The intro of Sicario consists of a solid drum beat layered with some mean drones, and they set the dark tone perfectly. I looked up the meaning of the word Sicario which made me smile because it fits the vibe really well; naming music is something that artists should not take for granted, and Artificial Intelligence definitely don’t. The track sticks to bass drones and a low pitch-bending sub in the drop, with enough variation to keep itself interesting.

Intimacy returns to harmonic soundscapes and no one quite does them like Artificial Intelligence. All elements gel together perfectly. The Asian theme complements both bassline and drums superbly, I can’t help but nod my head along, it’s almost an involuntarily response that can’t be helped. I love how minimalist the second drop starts out, with just drums, bass and the atmospheric vocal elements.

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Force Of Habit returns to the dark vibes. The low drone melodies are back, and there is also room for long, reverby vocals this time. And good lord does it have a menacing bassline. I’m glad that Artificial Intelligence don’t just replicate the first drop, and play around with changes in the bassline for the second drop, giving the listener just that extra spice that they needed.

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