We Talk To Grey Code About His New EP On Dispatch

Posted by Adam on 13th June 2017

Hi Spencer, how’s things?
Good thanks, just finished my second year at uni (studying computer science) and now I’m off to Europe to visit some dnb friends!

Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into Drum & Bass and how you ended up making music.
Strangely it was my younger brother (https://soundcloud.com/thinktwiceuk) who introduced me to drum & bass. He was listening to drum & bass way before me and after months of ridiculing his taste in music I finally caught on (when I was 15 – around summer 2012). Like many other dnb producers my age I got into drum and bass through dubstep with Never Say Die as my go to label. At some point in early 2013 my brother started producing dubstep and I followed in suit soon after when my dad gave me the code for his version of Logic 9 – which I still use today. As I got older my tastes matured and I discovered the underground side of drum & bass.

I’d always been musical and played both the cello and guitar, mainly jazz and Metallica songs. My dad (https://soundcloud.com/papwe) was a bassist but uses Logic for recording tracks at home. I was lucky enough to grow up in a very musical household without which I doubt I’d be where I am today.

How would you describe your style and what music, both in and outside of DnB influences you?
Hmm, I find it hard to describe my own music but my new aim is to make techno styled drum and bass. My main influences inside dnb are Alix Perez, Marcus Intalex (rest in peace), LSB, Commix, Mark System and dBridge. I could go on but I’d end up naming everyone I like as to not leave anyone out!

Outside of dnb I’ve recently been getting into techno thanks to my flatmate (https://soundcloud.com/ochodj). I’m really getting into analogue sounds and have started aiming to synthesise every element of my tracks.

You’re a relatively new name on the scene but you’re just about to release an EP on Dispatch’s LTD label, how did that come about?
About a year after I started producing I was introduced to a production forum (Neurohop Forum) by my brother where I met many of the producers I’m still friends with today. Most of us started moving away to different genres and we created the online group Music Squad.

From Music Squad I met my good friend Signal who sent my track Don’t Wake Me to Dispatch and Ant got in contact with me from there! I am a new name on the scene but I think it’s better to debut on a top quality label and hit the ground running.

Did you write an EP especially for the label or is this a selection of music that you were already working on?
After Ant got in contact with me regarding Don’t Wake Me he asked me to send him more tunes. I sent tunes to him as I made them and fortunately for me he wanted to sign them all! The EP covers my production progression over a year which gives a fair amount of variety to the songs.

You’ve collaborated with Ewol and Skylark on Atlas Rise, are these guys people that you work with regularly?
I met these guys through the previously mentioned Music Squad. I had worked with Skylark on our track Echelon (released on Demand records) and I’m currently working with Ewol on another track. We’re aiming to do more tracks together in the future.

What’s next for you in 2017 then?
Over Summer I’m going to be working in London and at the same time finishing up my second EP. I’m making this EP more musical and am currently waiting for a vocal from one of my favourite dnb vocalists. After Summer I’m going back to Bristol to continue my degree.

Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
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