GLXY Hit Us With Another Stroker Of A Single

Posted by Ben on 29th June 2017

GLXY AKA Gl-ix-ee AKA Galaxy. Phonetic confusion aside, these two London boys do subtle back ends and melodic shifts with more style than most, something that’s become clear as they’ve regularly swept us off our feet these past couple years. Fighting in the corner for drum n bass that’s minimal but not sparse, GLXY seem set to become a duo to be reckoned with, something that’s confirmed if you measure accomplishment by label history. Limitless, Soulvent, Spearhead and now Pilot Records, a pretty tidy list for a pair who first released music in 2015.

So what’s the music like then? Well, we loved the Expressions and Impressions EP last year and their new single Proposition is equally fanciful. Two tracks that are driven by their vocal lines but not dominated by them, a distinction quite a few artists seem to be failing to make, all wrapped up with beautifully clean artwork.

Proposition itself combines the almost unbelievably smooth tones of James Robb, think James Blake absent the emotional self-fellation, with spruced up and snappy percussion, fragile but still capable of holding the bass weight. That bassline is heavy too and not in the typical sense of the word, instead it’s heavy with warmth, full-bodied and well developed. Pile on the sultry melodic elements, and you have an addictive tune that will force you towards the replay button.

The switch from male to female vocals, courtesy of BLAKE, keep this single from feeling like a copy paste job. Mindless and mistful from the very start, this aptly named roller is GLXY at their best, thriving in an environment of their own creation and cautious to not overextend into commercial territory. Some delicately weighted hi-hats fill up the high end gloriously, BLAKE’s vocals injecting brooding harmony into a tune that is simply begging for sound system playtime.

GLXY continue their march to the top of the drum n bass game, and you know what? We’re rooting for them, especially after this near-perfect single. Pick it up now from iTunes.

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