Conduct Release Their Takai EP, The Precursor To Their Forthcoming Album

Posted by Adam on 30th June 2017

Chris & Robin, aka Conduct, have almost come from nowhere you could argue. After a handful of releases on a few labels, including Diffrent Music & Lifestyle Music, the duo went quiet, only to resurface with the huge news that they were releasing an album on a label that I hold so close to my heart, Blu Mar Ten Music.

That album, titled Borderlands (which we embarrassingly didn’t feature, but it did appear in our Best Albums Of 2016 list) was one of the most amazing albums that I have ever heard.

If you ask me, whilst Drum & Bass is experiencing a level of popularity that it’s probably never experienced before, we’re being subjected to a lot of boring, repetitive and predictable music from all corners of the scene as artists and labels desperately jump on the bandwagon to capitalize on the popularity (neuro undoubtedly suffers from this more than anyone else). This makes artists like Conduct and labels like Blu Mar Ten Music all that more important and enjoyable.


Anyway, rant complete – back to the matter in hand.

After Borderlands was released the duo were straight back into the studio to work on album number 2 but before it’s released (I’m guessing that’ll be coming towards the end of the year) they’re releasing the Takai EP to get us in the mood for what’s to come.


Whilst instantly recognisable as a Conduct release the new EP takes a more deep and tribal journey into the depths of what Drum & Bass can be. There’s something incredibly primal about how this EP is put together and the atmospheres created are, at times, reminiscent of the music you hear in a computer game just before you face the big boss. A crap analogy perhaps, but very much the image it conjures up in my head.


It’s also tranquil, serene and utterly beautiful at points with the title track coming closer to being in a traditional format but still a million miles away from 99% of everything else in my inbox. You wont hear music like this anywhere else and I have to give maximum love and respect to both label and artist for staying true to what they believe in, despite that fact it will very likely not experience the level of success that the next “club banger” will, despite being far better and with an infinitely longer shelf life.

Bring on album number 2…

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