Kyrist, Data 3, Revaux & Mystic State Come Together On The New Age Myths EP

Posted by Ben on 17th May 2017

One of those labels on whom it’s always worth a check up is Addictive Behaviour, a label based out of London and run by a group of like-minded DJs and promoters, and an imprint that cultivates some not-so-famous names to release consistently big music. With a roster leaning towards the techy, hard-edged side of business, Kyrist, Data 3, Revaux and Mystic State have stepped up for the New Age Myths EP.

All three tracks bring that cutting Addictive Behaviour crunk, but Blurred Vision by Mystic State and Tension hits the nicest. They lay down a rhythm of darkness, expanding away beneath Tension’s threatening verses. I love the second drop’s slight increase in tempo, a last injection of movement to spice up the second half and grind the axe even more.

The next track’s production credentials span the whole country, Data 3 and Revaux combine London, Manchester and York, Basilisk spawning from them like a twisted Ordnance Survey map. Twisted is about right too, its groaning bass knocks ensnared in a myriad of percussion, which sound quite muddled but add a whole load of metallic weight, not least that crashing snare. Data 3 and Revaux is an interesting combination of a new trio of established artists (Bryson, Mida & Syrum) with a duo of fresh talent, and they’ve come up with something equally interesting here.

Finally, Kyrist, who’s so promising and exciting it hurts a bit. Her recent output on labels like Dispatch has all been particularly solid, which continues here on Addictive Behaviour with The Drifted, an eerie techno filler that rolls through shimmering tidal pads and percussive climbs with satisfying ease. Relentless bass switches and low frequency slides make The Drifted interesting from the play button to the end, big enough for the dance floor, deep enough for the bedroom.

New Age Myths is one of the releases it’s easy to miss, there’s no massive names, it’s not on a superstar imprint and there’s no overly flashy cover art or marketing drive. It’s one of those releases though that you hear out live and wish you knew, a driving piece of effortlessly relentless music. Big fan of this one, so go grab it from iTunes now.

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