InsideInfo delivers the goods with his debut LP on drum & bass titan: ‘Viper’

Posted by Ed on 4th May 2017

Seasoned Neurofunk extraordinaire InsideInfo has finally graced us with his debut album. Over a decade since his first solo single on Ganja-Tek Recordings, this Londoner has delivered a 14 piece bucket of luxuriously squelchy and energetic dance floor drum & bass, on the infamously lethal imprint ‘Viper’.

The overall tone of the album is an almost perfect split between Vipers and InsideInfos trademarks. A seamless union between an overarching philosophy of the label and an individual artistic perspective. This should be the benchmark for attitude for any album worth its salt.

The album is pretty consistent in quality, and although there is a prominent vibe that defines the album as I mentioned earlier, many of the tracks each retain their own identity. ‘Navigator‘ is a cheeky dance floor squelcher packed with groove and twangs throughout. ‘Revenants‘ featuring Scott Kennedy is a glorious hybrid between metal and drum & bass. Raw guitar licks combined with InsideInfos productive genius atop some rugged vocals from Mr Kennedy create a really interesting creation that could satisfy the most fervent metal head as well as drum & bass enthusiast.

Moving on we have ‘Conformity‘, an experimental stepper which is as creative as it is powerful. A myriad of sonics mashed together over a simple two-step beat with cybernetic bass synths throughout leave this as one of the most interesting tracks on the album. ‘Creepy’ and ‘Spychase‘ are a pair of distorted bassy steppers with the former being a 100bpm glitch-hopper and the latter conforming to the traditional drum & bass tempo.

The second half of the album is where the heat gets turned up in my opinion. As an acolyte of all things dark and rolling in drum and & bass, the latter end of this LP begun to cater more so to this disposition. What’s refreshing about this album is the combination of dancefloor and tech styles, more particularly, the combination of the two being done in such a way that doesn’t compromise the other. The perfect way to ensnare the average drum & bass listener to the harder side of the genre could very well be this album. Both ‘Renegade’ and ‘Revolution’ featuring lyricists Jakes & Miss Trouble are a pair of technically superb dance floor slammers with that gritty twang which has been a theme throughout this release. Up front and groovy, yet with a dark overtone, this is trademark InsideInfo.

The final four tracks impose some destructive components into this LP. ‘Glimpse’ featuring Fable is rugged and powerful. Unapologetically fierce with rolling drums and murderous bass synths plus ethereal vocals which distantly float underneath this mechanical masterpiece. Following suit is ‘Mania’. Aptly named, this manically thunderous melting pot of drum & bass is pure carnage. Suited to send those unprepared for the sheer magnitude of this track into despair, this track is just bonkers and it’s fantastic.

Ultimately we have ’82’ a distinctive Neuro track which ticks all the right boxes. Progressive and exciting, the array of audio experimentation throughout the development of the song should be noted, and this is done without any compromising of musicality.

In an incredibly saturated musical world, Dancefloor and Neurofunk drum & bass releases can all slip through sounding the same, with no real identity. Why this album is so good isn’t simply the quality and consistency of the tracks (which in general we can agree is universally a good indicator of the success of an album) but also how it manages to stand out as something a little bit different amongst hordes of tracks which flood the sub-genres. It’s like Dimension and Audio had a musical baby – two leading artists from their own spheres within drum & bass, combining sonic styles to create something that the other wouldn’t be out of place playing, and it is for this reason, that the album is so good.

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