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Posted by Ben on 18th May 2017

Soul Intent’s Lossless Music is a brilliant little pot of creative output, releasing music under a few different labels and in a variety of forms, always distinctive and usually excellent quality. This time is a bit more special than usual though, as it’s Soul Intent’s debut album, Delusions of Grandeur that’s next out the factory door.

Not a moment too early too, and we actually caught up with him recently to chat about the ins and outs of the album. Backstory aside, Delusions of Grandeur presents a 10 track run through of its creator’s musical outflows, spanning sounds of various colours, all fashioned into Soul Intent-shaped bits of drum n bass goodness.

One cut that’s more Soul Intent than drum n bass is Nearly There, a track which he singled out himself, a delicately constructed balance of Sula Mae’s haunting tones and the accompanying carpet of instrumental warmth. Mahogany strings, boutique saxophones and rattling hats make up the gentle climbs and falls negotiated throughout, each rise topped with another shiver of vocal harmony. He called it one the most musically accomplished tracks he’d ever made – sounds about right to me.

It’s not the only standout vocal track from the LP, as There She Goes quickly rolls into an utterly gorgeous vocal flick, sampled to perfection and almost siren like in how it echoes out across the low end. Endless wispy pads and swirling soundscapes accompany the ensuing bounce of bass notes, giving this whole tune that relaxed, carefree feel which only lifts the vocal even higher. I love this track for how different it is, mixing funky jungle vibes with a more serious bite of emotive expression. Definitely a highlight.

Earlier on I said that Soul Intent’s music comes in various colours, and Cry For You exemplifies that well by combining a few of them. Percussion wise it’s on the darker side, an ominous kick standing out amidst a flurry of sharp knocks, whilst some more beautiful vocals paint in the lighter end. Buried beneath them both is an urgent bass, grating electro crunch tightly compressed to form a flex of charcoal burning energy, definitely not eco-friendly but so worth it. Cry For You smacks of Sacrifice by Dom & Roland, furiously dark but glossed over in a vocally sheen. The last drop is worth mentioning too, which leaves you in suspense for a delightfully long time before slamming you back down.

The last one on the album and the last cut I’m gonna pick out is Almost, which doesn’t close out Delusions of Grandeur in bombastic fashion but with elegantly constructed breaks and yet another set of vocals that are simple, yeah, but just incredibly nice. The creeping pulses of bass become almost indistinguishable from the strings, both elements merging and weaving along next to each other.

Almost is a suitably slick finish for album that works hard the whole way, chopping and changing various different styles to create music that’s dynamic and full of character. Delusions of Grandeur is a release that’d be at home on lots of much bigger labels than Lossless, and I’m sure Soul Intent will do just that at some point, but it works undeniably well through his own platform too. The artwork is top notch, and if you’re into your vinyl there’s a very good looking physical package as well. You can pre-order it and grab every other Lossless release from their bandcamp.

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