Tim Reaper Makes Us Feel Like A Bunch of 90s Ravers With His New Single

Posted by Dan on 19th April 2017

Tim Reaper is a name I’ve heard back and forth over the years, but never really paid much attention to. His recent single on Blu Mar Ten’s label BMTM however has definitely changed things here. It’s a wonderful hark back to the so-called “golden age” of drum & bass (as those geezers lurking within the dark depths of dnbforum.com describe it), presenting us with two top notch slices of oldskool goodness that may as well have been carved right out of the 90s. Although this was an era I myself never lived through, that can hardly stop me singing praises for this lovely record!

All Right is most definitely a jam worthy of the name. Booming and energetic though the drums may be, they are balanced out by the pure, chilled vibes that come off those keys and arpeggiated synth chords – perfect music for chilling out on the window ledge as summer approaches! Meanwhile, Innerspace is bound to put a few smiles on some ol’ junglists’ faces; from the second those amen drums kick off, you could sense the ecstatic glee of nostalgia within their hearts from miles away. It’s got “rave” written all over it – or in my case, “turn off the pop music and play out some loud jungle at a popular girl in school’s party” written all over it!

I recently read a comment on a site somewhere about this very single, one stating pleasure at the thought that, in 2017, “real drum & bass isn’t dead”! While I wouldn’t quite agree with that statement, I think this just emphasises how awesome the single is – it should appeal to audiences of today’s DnB, as well as those looking for a glorious piece of the past to bathe in. Nicely done, Tim!

Vinyl copies shot out the door with this release I’m afraid, but you can download it from iTunes right now.

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