RoyGreen & Protone Make Their Debut On Spearhead Records With The Why Don’t You EP

Posted by Ed on 24th April 2017

There a few imprints that have such a sterling reputation as Spearhead. If you like your drum & bass rolling and packed to the brim with soul then you need look no further. A myriad of established artists have made it onto the Spearhead roster, and the latest Austrian import Roy Green & Protone are keeping the levels high.

Having already featured on Liquid V, Fokuz, Intrigue and Dispatch, these Viennese vandals have bolstered their broad discography to now include the exalted Spearhead, and they have delivered the goods it can be certain.

Rolling through just as the seasons are shifting to favour the liquid vibe, first track the Healer is a beautiful piece chocka block full of dreamy pads, distant pipes and some delicious chimes. Culminating in a true sonic delight, kick start your day with this one and you won’t regret it. Coming in at number two we have Why Don’t You featuring Monologue, and is for me, the strongest track on the release. Beautiful piano melodies accompanied by some vaguely soothing vocals all sit atop a crisp breakbeat and the result is fantastic. Pensive and fanciful, this track is pure bliss.

Perhaps one of the best track names of all time: Carpaccio Funk is the third instalment in what has so far proved to be an exquisite release. A strong rolling groove, a cheeky sub and excellent drums render this energetic yet soothing composition as one of the best liquid tracks of 2017 so far. A hypnotic breakdown and all round delight, plus with a name like Carpaccio Funk, what’s not to love?

Now we Arrivee at the final track. Featuring Joakium, this saucy little number will definitely get your hips wiggling. One for the vibes crew, it’s a melting pot of all things suave and is effortlessly sophisticated. Now in terms of drum & bass and it’s endless sub-genres, Liquid wouldn’t often find itself near the top of my personal list, however, these fellas have done a full number on me and managed to convert a disciple to all things dark and deadly, into a fiend for their jazzy and affable tones. RoyGreen & Protone, keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll be keeping my eyes firmly on their movements and you guys and girls should do the same too.

RoyGreen & ProtoneSpearhead Records

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