Foreign Concept’s Skit City Is One Of The Best Releases On Critical To Date

Posted by Snapclicker on 11th April 2017

Nothing sums up this release better than Fox’s lyric ‘Just try and be yourself if you can be’.

Foreign Concept has proved time and again that not only is he comfortable with numerous styles and tempos but he’s also more than capable at producing a cracking end product. He doesn’t simply toy with ideas and hope for the best, his results are coherent yet wonderfully diverse. He’s an artist comfortable with his craft and it really does emanate throughout the EP.

Title track Skit City sounds a lot to me like a piece of music dripping in the magic of Bristol’s Wild Bunch era. Trip hop is surely now past being a dirty word with this tune sounding like modern Massive Attack, perfectly balancing male and female vocals as Fox rides the beat with his unique low slung swagger.

Waiheke Wine Club featuring Halogenix does exactly what you’d hope it would. Elements of Ivy Lab’s drum and bass sound is seamlessly interlaced with FC’s own persona and the fruit falling from the tree creates a bubbly prosecco cocktail with a crispy lime hit and the belly punch of a tequila shot all mixed in a jam jar, served in a dark basement. And yeah, I have made that drink. And no, it isn’t a particularly good idea.

Escape Orbit is a well tailored suit for a Critical release. The bass is luxuriously warm and the vocal isn’t your average akme cut and paste sample job. The top ends swirl and tease like long fingernails running down your back. Yus pls. Again, there must be something in the Bristol water system as this wouldn’t have sounded of place at Full Cycle night. Just the right amount of punch and pleasure.

The LSB Remix of When You’re Alone is a nice addition. It’s definitely not doing a poly filler impression – one of last years most successful producers lays down one of his more techy naughtier numbers lifting the original to a darker place for realz.

While the music is great, the thing which bowls me over is the ‘Skit City’ package as a whole. Artist Jack Ramsey has created a living and breathing city with his accompanying book, which if you haven’t bought yet, you definitely should. In a climate where music is being thrown at consumers hourly, making a product that stands out is no easy task. The trio of great music, fantastic artwork and brilliantly executed social media animations means Critical have yet again thrust a release into the market well deserving of your money. Hats fully off to everyone involved. No USB sticks or tea towels here. This is quite frankly a must own piece of art from all angles.

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