Andrezz Returns To Liquid V With The Free Your Mind EP

Posted by Ben on 10th April 2017

Every now and then, amidst the slight craziness that has begun to characterize drum n bass at the moment, it’s nice to settle on something simpler. Music that isn’t shoutey or trying to show off, but content with just sitting back and rolling out. One of the best destinations for an experience like this is Liquid V, younger sister of V Recordings and a general hot-spot for summery smoothness.

Their latest offering comes from Andrezz, another participant in the growing wave of talent washing over the Atlantic from Brazil and part of the longstanding relationship V has had with the country. His most mature release to date, Free Your Mind is a journey through swirling soundscapes, gentle sampling and generous back ends.

The funkiest of the bunch is Take You There, which carries a loping, DJ Marky-esque bounciness that perfectly compliments it’s slighter, more conciliatory side. Carelessly rolling out into a gratifying second drop, Take You There brings a splash of Sao Paolo nonchalance to this otherwise deep thinking release.

The title track rattles along next and whilst the opening synths don’t immediately scream sophistication, I’m not sure Free Your Mind cares very much. Its two main samples work off each other well, as the soft, spoken quality of the voice telling you to free your mind makes the sultry vocal snippets even more soulful. The brooding head space you end up in is only made worse by Memories Remain, which despite plenty of percussive energy packs enough wistful strings to make an upset toddler fall asleep. Dreamy stuff.

Rigel Brightness is firstly, a great name for a liquid tune, and secondly the subtlest of the four. No vocal leads or jazzy samples here, just an expansively understated low end. Sluggish but pushed on by the drums, all-encompassing but limited and rich yet sparse, Rigel Brightness packs the sort of punch Liquid V knock out time and time again.

Free Your Mind isn’t going to blow your head off, not even close really, and there’s definitely plenty of drum n bass out there which lands in the same ballpark. I’m not sure that matters as a listener though, what does is this EP’s undeniable ability to roll you off into a pit of your own thoughts. Grab it off the V Recordings website now.

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