We Talk To Kings Of The Rollers And Have The Exclusive On Their Debut Mix

Posted by Adam on 1st March 2017

Voltage, Serum & Bladerunner present Kings of the Rollers.

The three DJs have come together to form one of the strongest collectives around right now. They’ve been tearing up raves non stop since coming together and with even more dates in the calendar for 2017 their domination looks set to continue.

As well as uploading Kings Of The Rollers Vol 1, the first Kings Of The Rollers mix which sees Serum in the mix alongside Carasel on the mic, we had a chat with the lads about the idea behind the project and what we can expect in 2017.

Hi gents, how are you all?!
S: Absolutely spiffing thanks

V. Good thanks :)

B. Great thanks

How did the idea come together? Is it something that any of you had been thinking about for a long time?
S: It’s something I’d had in mind for quite a while as I’d been making tunes and performing sets with Voltage and Bladerunner separately. Both combinations worked really well so I figured with the three of us we could take it a step further.

There are some really successful MC teams out there like SASASAS and Shadow Demon Coalition so we thought it was time we put together a DJ group.

For the older heads “Kings Of The Rollers” reminds us of the seminal series of EPs on 31 Recordings in the early 2000’s. Is the name a homage to that or just a coincidence?
S: Obviously we’re all fans of those EPs and of 31 Recordings. I was fortunate enough to have a few releases on 31 last year that did really well and Voltage looks set to follow me with an appearance this year.

We’re all known for making rolling D&B so the name seemed to fit. Of course we had to check in with Scotty to make sure he was happy with it but he gave it the thumbs up and here we are.

V. Yeh it seems to be a name that has been put on all 3 of us at one time or another over the years by the ravers so we thought why not give them what they want! Big up Doc Scott for the blessing !

There have already been numerous Kings Of The Rollers shows but things seem to be really hotting up now. What have you got planned for 2017?
V. The list is literally growing by the day! Jungle jam,Hospitality,Tranzmission,the response to the project has been overwhelming tbf!

B. The response from the shows so far have been amazing! We’ve got so many great gigs lined up like Boomtown, Raveology, Fabric and a few festivals in Belgium.

What’s your view on the scene as it is today? Has the golden era of DnB passed or now that it’s more accessible and easier to get into producing music are we seeing more exciting music than ever?
S: There’s loads of good music out there in all genres and between us we play a wide selection of that. But we try to mix a lot of old tracks in as well. Most people in a club or rave will be young and it’s great to be able to show them the music we grew up with.

V. I think the scene is as healthy as it has ever been ,especially from the jump up side of things – there is a few new guys really taking hold of the rolling style with the jump up edge ,thats exciting for me because i know we have inspired them and they are gonna turn a few heads in the other sub genres

B. It’s a great time for DnB at the moment, there are always really good new artists popping up all the time. I think the ravers are open to hearing a lot more different types of sounds these days, which is healthy for the scene as it lets the new generation of producers express themselves even more instead of copying what everyone else is doing. And we’re now hearing some wicked original music. It’s an exciting time as we’re bringing all of these styles together in our shows too!

What can people expect from your shows? Will there be other DJs and MCs along with you?
S: This mix features Carasel who is one of the MCs that will be working with us and someone I’ve worked with a lot over the years. We’re also working with Inja who recently featured on my track “Blow Them Away” on Hospital and Impact.

All three have a style that really sits with what we do. They’re all great at building hype while being lyrical but in a way that doesn’t drown out the music.

Thanks guys, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
S: I’ve got a brand new label in the works called “Souped Up” which will feature tracks from all three of us as along with some of our favourite producers. The first release should drop in the middle of the year. I’m also working on an album with Voltage for Low Down Deep. Finally I have an EP coming on Philly Blunt very soon including “The Finger” which is probably my biggest track to date. There are tons more releases coming but there’ll be more announcements about those soon.

V. I have just finished an e.p for Metalheadz which will be surfacing soon , Obviously the debut Serum & Voltage album , a release on 31 recs waiting to come out , another colab with Majistrate,and something exciting happening with a certain track that Andy C has been hammering (more news on that soon) !!! there is probably loads more but i cant think haha

V. big shouts to Logan D , Goldie, Doc Scott, Bryan G , Nicky BM , Andy C ,Micky Finn and everyone at Urban agency and all my SDC Family – pew pew oh and the kebab man

B. I’m just getting ready to release the first EP on my label Hi Resolution which will be out in April, this features four tracks from myself. Also I’m working on a couple of remixes of some serious classics people will all know from back in the day. I have a single coming out on Chronic very soon and there’s plenty of new music being made by us as Kings of the Rollers, hopefully we will get an album together by the end of the summer!

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