Terra Firma Make A Bold Statement With Their First Release

Posted by Ben on 7th March 2017

Brand new labels always have a huge task ahead of them, the challenge of becoming recognized and respected, of developing an effective roster of artists and of releasing music that both makes you happy and successful in equal measure. It’s a lot easier if you’re already a famous artist, like Lenzman or Hybrid Minds, but starting from the ground up is a constant uphill battle.

That’s why a solid first release is so important, because it gets a statement of intent out there and lets everyone know what you’re about. If it’s bad then you’re going to lose prospective fans before you’ve even begun but if it’s good, then you might just have struck upon a winning formula.

I’m giving this lecture about labels because of Terra Firma, a brand new imprint based out of York who sent use their first single the other week and honestly, when I heard they were brand new on the block I wasn’t optimistic. But that’s a mistake I now have to live with, because both tunes from Outer Mass (another fairly unknown quantity) are top, top quality.

A duo from Austrialia, Outer Mass present a starkly ominous beginning to their first ever single with King, a satisfyingly dark tour of tightly industrial soundscapes and textures. The intro actually makes you excited for the rest of the song, an aphotic ambience broken away on the drop for a expansive lower end that smacks of Break or Dom & Roland. Perfectly suited to sonically painting the walls of a rundown warehouse, King is the sort of track that’ll give your little nephew nightmares.

The flip side is a little different. Outer Mass easily could’ve gone for another blackish roller to complement the last, but they didn’t, and I’m so glad. White Lies instantly ramps up the melodic quality of this release through some superb vocals, which sit on top of the metallic percussion, bringing out the best the back end has to offer. And what a bassline it is, reminisicent of Runnin’ by EneiWhite Lies‘s forceful approach to subtlety fills the bottom end of the range with movement. Big in a different way, I’m 100% certain this tune would sound amazing through a sound system.

Terra Firma have come out with an astoundingly solid first single, and honestly if this popped into my inbox via Dispatch or V Recordings I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, let alone question it. I’m excited to see what they and Outer Mass have planned, so go pick this single up from their Bandcamp now.fterr

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  1. Jesse March 15, 2017 - 2:19 pm Reply

    Nice review of some good tunes.

    I’m also launching a label outta Taiwan next Monday. First releases are by Tim Reaper and Rainforest.

    Appreciate a listen when you have a chance :)


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