We Talk To The Clamps About His New EP On Trendkill

Posted by Adam on 29th March 2017

Hi Julien, how are you?
Very fine, spring is coming and sun is shining :)

You started out making other genres as well as DnB initially, what drew you to Drum & Bass specifically?
My first approach with D&B was in the end of 90’s in free party. I had good friends who were already playing Jungle and D&B, so I started to be interested by this kind of sound, mostly the dark stuff, but to be fair I was more into Techno stuff. Then in the mid of 2000’s, I remember an other friend came and told me to listen something special, it was the Tide by Noisia. It was a kind of revelation. I was in a Breakbeat Project called “Phat Riderz” with a friend (Simon “Ryos”) and we tried to translate this kind of vibes and energy into the 140bpm (it was the golden era of Nuskoolbreak).

Then I did a solo project called “Imprintz”, more involved into the Drum & Bass, and I did many tracks alongside Kloé in D&B, Electro, etc…we were always interested by all kind of music.
Thereafter I came to live in Toulouse and I set up the project “The Clamps”. Mostly D&B and with a pinch of Hardcore stuff with the influence of my friends Céline and Etienne from Kosenprod / Karnage Records. So it seems to be an adventure who will never stop 

How’s the scene out in France? Is it seeing a rise in popularity as a lot of mainland Europe is?
The scene is going bigger and bigger, there are great producers, djs, promoters and events all around, in clubs, concert halls even in the wild spots (hangar or in the forest) and there is more and more people who have interest for the Drum & Bass. But it still hard to organise party in France. This year for example in Toulouse, There has been some clubs closures which it means less locations to make party. I think the french legislation are still afraid of electronic music and his communauty, but it gives us the desire to work on it even more and to show them it’s a part of the culture.

So, we’re here to talk about your new EP on Trendkill, which is a label you’ve worked with a lot in the past. How did you get involved with them?
I remember to have send tracks to the Trendkill box and got an answer from Chris Prolix telling he was feeling the tunes. Then I sent him some new stuff I was working and I had positive feedback. After few mails and discussion, we planned an EP for his label. I was so happy to do something for this legend. He was very helpful and motivating. I really love to speak about Metal music with him (we share the same taste in rock music) and we have the same kind of “family music and label” point of view.

How does this EP compare with your last one on Trendkill, is you sound still evolving?
I think it has the same kind of vibes, something between feeling and smashing. I did FTDS when I had the good new to play on the NeurofunkGrid stage at Let It roll 2016. I wanted to do an intro track for my set who describes what will be happen during it. Going harder and louder.
About “Brand New Beginning”, I enjoyed a lot to do it with my friend Redject. I don’t see him often cause he doesn’t live near my home, so when he is here, we take good times in studio, making music and sharing our feelings. I really hope we will have others session together in the next few months.
Concerning the Counterstrike remix of “Strains”, I had a message from Justin saying he felt the second breakdown of the tune, so I thought it can be a good idea to have his vision of the track, and put it on the Release. It’s such an honour to have a CS remix, I really dig their Techstep/Hard DnB style and They did a great job on the remix.

So I think this EP is good definition of what I love and feel, Energy with Soul.I hope the listeners will check it.

You’ve got the brilliant Tasha Baxter on vocals for The Chase – how did you end up collaborating with her?
I’ve always been fascinated by her voice, and it was a kind of dream to make something with her. I decided to get in contact with her, sending a mail with some of my tracks and asking if she would be interested to do a collab with me. I got a positive answer, so I started to do a special track for her, and it seems she loved it. When I got her vocals I was totally amazed. Her voice fitted so well on the instrumental and all the vocals stems she sent to me was perfect. I hope to do new things with her in the future.

Finally, what are the biggest tunes in your set right now?
There are so much great tunes, I still enjoy each week to listen new releases.
Really love what Signs, Qo & Computer Artist, Merikan, L33, Gydra, Disphonia, Nickbee, Katharsys, Agressor Bunx, Volatile Cycle & Barbarix, Akrom, BSE & SOM, Splash Heads, Tobax, Tr Tactics, Upbeats, CV, Monty, Optiv & BTK, Impak, Maniatic, Igneon System, I:Gor, Detest, The Outside Agency, Deatmachine, Triamer & Nagato, Switch technique, Fragz, Sinisters Souls, Penta are releasing. So be sure to listen it in my mixes ;)
There is a lot more, but the list will never end :D

Thanks! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thank you for letting me some words about this release, I could speak about it during hours :)
And I would like to thank all the people who support me, and “Fuck The Dumb Shit, Kill’em with the Drum Kick!!!”

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