Overlook’s Album Smoke Signals Is Nothing Short Of Sublime

Posted by Adam on 9th March 2017

Allow me to make a confession before we get started here; I’m a little bit bored of the deep and moody Drum & Bass that’s around at the minute. It’s a sound that’s been around since the beginning, in one form or another, but over the last few years, as it has become more prevalent, it’s become a bit dull and unadventurous.

This, for me, is what makes the new Overlook album Smoke Signals, his debut long player, all that more impressive because I am absolutely in love with it.

By employing the tried and tested practice of less is more he’s created an album that says so much with so little. I, along with many others, am genuinely captivated by what he’s achieved.

With music like this you don’t have screaming synths or catchy hooks; it’s all about creating an atmosphere or a mood with ominous bass lines and clever drum work. Whilst the tone of the album is very consistent there is a journey to go on as the tempos and narratives change between tracks making it impossible not to play from start to finish.

The highlights of the album are undoubtedly where he lets loose with the breaks but honestly there isn’t a bad track to be found. This is by far my album of the year so far. Watch out for this coming out on UVB-76 Music and you can pre-order it here.

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