Mr. Frenkie – Respawn / Tire Fire (Concussion Records)

Posted by Adam on 2nd March 2017

We’ve been featuring music from Concussion Records pretty much since the label started and never once have they failed to deliver. Plus, even more important than that, it’s run by a chap called Adam and if you ask me that’s the name of a man who knows what he’s doing…

Next up, for what is only the label’s fifth release, is a single from Russian producer Mr. Frenkie who, I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of before. Being unfamiliar with the name however is totally irrelevant in this case as the tracks on offer are absolutely brilliant. Both Respawn & Tire Fire are fierce tracks that are reminiscent of the old techy tunes that you’d get 10 or 15 years ago – a sound that has been largely pushed aside in favour of neurofunk these days.

Another wicked release from a label that grows stronger with every release.


Concussion RecordsMr. Frenkie

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