Invadhertz Make Their Debut On The New Dreamers Recordings

Posted by Ben on 20th March 2017

The Dreamers Recordings is a really interesting label based out of Italy, which isn’t a country usually associated with big bad breaks and basslines, but I think that only serves to make the imprint all the more intriguing.

Doing their bit to ramp up that intrigue is Invadhertz, a trio that have released through Mindtech Recordings in the past but haven’t really made their mark yet. Hopefully this will change with Burn and Killa Sound, their new single on The Dreamers, which are both worthy of greater recognition than these guys have got in the past.

Burn is a fitting A-side, a tune that seems to seamlessly glide around multiple different LFOs and frequencies, slipping around the bottom end in a murky amalgamation of various basslines. Guided through by a deliciously weighty drum section, Burn is one of the tracks you hear out at 4am and known you’re never gonna hear again, a fleeting mismatch of reverb and low frequency quivers.

Killa Sound is more of the same, except the more conciliatory percussion gives it a brooding quality lacking from the first, the sense that it could explode and punch you in the face at any time. This track feels pent up and hemmed in, almost as if the borders represented by audible frequencies are a limitation, Killa Sound constantly feels like it’s trying to break out and get at you. I don’t know what it would do it if did, but I’m not sure the consequences would be pleasant.

Invadhertz’s first outing on The Dreamers Recordings is a well-crafted bit of music that would no doubt sound great in an Italian basement somewhere. It’s not the most varied release, as Burn and Killa Sound are pretty similar, but extremely solid nonetheless. Hopefully these guys will expand their horizons moving forward,  destroying my stereotype of most Italians being old men playing chess in town squares.

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